Rajan has been a guru, guide and mentor for me for many years. At a point in my career when things seem to be moving nowhere, he helped me understand my strengths, my passion and helped me discover a career path which I loved.

Through his coaching I have grown from a “also ran” kind of person to a respected and recognized expert in my field in 3 years’ time. Today, I am enjoying every moment of my work. I sleep well and live a life full of energy and enthusiasm.

While his understanding of mind, body and atma is very deep, his ability to explain the same in simple terms is something of a rarity.

I am truly blessed to have someone like him in my life and I hope he is able to make a difference in other peoples’ lives as well.

Rahul, IT Professional, United kingdom

If I in a calm and stable state of mind today it is largely because of the Rajan who helped me during the time of crisis.

Last year I went through a very depressive phase in my life. Unable to express my pain to anyone I was suffering inside.

Rajan spotted the problem and helped me open up. Through several sessions he helped me gain perspective of life and helped me get over the phase quickly.

Today I am a stronger woman and have the capability to handle any situation without losing myself.

I am well settled both in my career and life and I have to thank Rajan for where I am today.

Subha, IT professional, Bangalore

I met Rajan in a common session. At that time, I was struggling with severe Migraine. This had been troubling me for several years.

Rajan worked with me my migraine during the session and it reduced significantly the next day. Subsequently we had several sessions where my clarity and understanding of my life and the events emerged. The frequency of migraine reduced from once a month to once in six months.

Now when it occurs(rarely) Rajan and me spend 15 mins in discussion on skype and next day I am back to my usual self.

As the migraine has almost gone, my life has come back fully into focus, I am more successful in my work as sand artist. My relationships have blossomed and my life is full of energy and joy.

Rajan is such warm person and exudes such a positive vibration that his presence itself makes one feel better. He also has an uncanny knack of getting to the root of the problem very quickly. At the same time his ability to explain things in a simple and clear manner helps in understanding oneself well. There is no mystery in his way of working. It is simple, transparent, empowering and just conversations which reveal the simple truths which keep eluding us.

One has to be blessed to have someone like Rajan in his or her life.

Anne L, Sand Artist, Germany

Rajan came in as a valued customer in our bank. During our initial interaction I felt very comfortable in sharing everything with Rajan.

I had may physical problems like sinus, migraine, back pain, ankle pain etc. which was affecting my work.

We went through 5 sessions in which Rajan revealed the root of all these issues one by one. It was like a life mirror which I was able to view clearly.

At the end of the sessions all my problems disappeared. More than that it also gave me clarity to deal with them as well.

Now once in a while my migraine or sinus starts up, I am immediately able to resolve them within couple of hours.

I am able to work long hours, put in focused effort, my stress levels have reduced significantly, I am able to travel without any discomfort.

I have lot more energy and feel happier.

Sanat S, Bank Manager, Bangalore

I was a very troubled and frustrated home maker. Relationship issues were the root of the problem and this led to a whole lot of stress at home and in my life. Was extremely unhappy in the way things had progressed.

This was putting a strain on my family as well.

I used to always want to be away from home to get some peace. I felt nothing going my way and wondered if I was destined to a life of such suffering and misery.

I happened to be with Rajan in a program and somehow felt the need to talk to him. I approached him and he sat with me one evening where I let out my emotions fully.

Rajan provided me with some basic understanding of life and allowed me to look at the same situation in a completely different way.

Just this shift in my thinking completely changed my life and resolved many issues.

My ability to handle difficult situations has improved. Rajan has the ability to change the perspective in such a way that strengthens the understanding of oneself and helps handle difficult situations more effectively.

Thank you Rajan

Ranjana, Homemaker, Delhi

I was quite frustrated and stressed in my job and it was telling on my health and my family. Spent one session with Rajan.

He made me look at my value and my job from a totally different perspective. Ever since I have been able to perform to mine as well as other satisfaction. My job has become more enjoyable, I am more relaxed and happier. My family situation has also eased and it has become a happier home.

Rajan’s ability to listen and then coach me to a look at a different perspective in a simple manner makes him the person he is.

I wish more people interact with him to make their career and life better.

Jaggi, IT professional, United Kingdom