Health & wellness coaching

This type of coaching applies to individuals as well as organizations.

Wellness coaching involves dedicated time working with the individual to improve their health and helping them achieve a healthier mind and body.

Health is a major issue which affects individuals as well as organizations today. It has been estimated that over 30% productivity is lost because of health issues of individuals in an organization

An extension of health is wellness which looks at an overall aspect of a person. It includes wellness of the body and the mind.

Health and wellness coaches provide guidance, advice and direction to people looking for help with weight loss, fitness, exercise, nutrition and dieting issues, stress management and some medical or health concerns.

How is my wellness coaching different!

Almost every other wellness coaching revolves are diet, nutrition, exercise and meditation. While this method can control or reduce the impact of the illness it does not provide a permanent cure. Controlling the illness is something that everyone talks of and to that extent it improves health of the individual. However the true wellness requires to look at the mind and its impact as a major factor.

The root of all chronic illnesses is the mind. Understanding this is crucial to providing the right solution. Like they say “healthy mind is a healthy body” it is important to improve the health of the mind.

My focus on wellness starts with the mind and understanding the root of the illness. Once it is deciphered the rest of it is easy to cure.

Let me make it clear, “ I do not cure or heal anyone”.

I provide the understanding by which an individual is able to heal oneself. There are no secrets or mysteries. Everything is simple and transparent. It is extremely fast and effective.

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What kind of ailments can be treated?

Actually all ailments can be treated effectively. Chronic ailments like Hypertension, Diabetes, Back problems, arthritis, neck problems, shoulder problems, headaches and migraine, thyroid problems can be healed. Liver problems, stomach problems, acidity, nerve problems, heart problems, constipation can also be healed. In fact even a deadly disease like cancer can also be treated.

Is it true that healing can happen?

While medical science says that a number of diseases are controllable but not curable, metaphysical healing can cure all diseases. The healing process is to go to the root of the problem (which is related to the mind) and then change the mind process. Once the root cause is eliminated the body heals itself.

How long does it take to heal?

Healing depends of several factors, including the duration which the person has been affected by the ailment, the kind and the amount of medication that he or she has been using and finally the willingness to change. In some cases even one session can show improvement and cure can happen in 3-4 sessions (in a month’s time). In some cases in can take about 3-6 months. The good part is improvement is seen immediately and hence the confidence builds up which is essential.

How is it different from the medical field?

Today medical field looks a symptom of a disease and addresses it with specific treatment methods.

Wellness coaching involves looking at the root of the issue. The basic theory which is used is that all diseases start with the mind. A healthy mind results in a healthy body. By getting to coach the mind into thinking differently the body will start becoming healthier. Wellness coaching is a holistic way of looking at health and therefore involves all aspects of life like relationships, wealth, career etc..


A typical coaching starts with an ice-breaking session, followed by a second session which would bring out key health issues. A third session would be the goal setting session. Post that it would be between 6-10 sessions lasting 60 – 90 minutes each.

Mind and Body

Attaining perfect mind and body balance

Food and Nutrition

What to eat, how to eat and when to eat

Mindful Breathing

Mindful Breathing

Holistic Fitness

Physical and mental fitness

Meditation and Sleep

Effective meditation and proper sleep

Emotional Stability

Ability to control and express emotions freely

Some success examples

These examples are just to indicate how effective this method of coaching. Not all sessions have such dramatic impact. But goes to show how quickly the mind can resolve issues of the body and reverse the illness.

Migraine :

I have helped many people heal themselves from migraine within 2-3 sessions. The most impactful was a lady who was suffering from 24 hours migraine which had started 20 years ago. She had 2 surgeries and hundreds of visit to doctors, neurologists and every other specialist. It only got worse. She became immune to drugs and hence came to the point of committing suicide. I did the first session over the phone. Once the root became clear, I did some small exercises and asked her to sleep. The next morning the migraine went away. She was stunned. Honestly even I did not expect such a dramatic impact. I did 2 more sessions to ensure it did not recur.

Parkinsons :

This was a chance encounter in a hotel where I observed a middle aged person struggling to walk. When enquired he told me that he was suffering from various ailment including nerve problems and Parkinsons and that he was getting worse by the day and that doctors had told him there was no cure. He was unable to even move his fingers or hold anything. I told him that I can try and help. Since I had not dealt with Parkinsons before I took a chance. Went through a 60 min session with him. By the time we ended the session his shaking had gone, his joint pains had disappeared and he was able to walk with much ease.

Other cases:

I have helped people heal themselves of migraine, sinus, stomach problems, liver problems, constipation, back problems, arthiritis, sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, depression. Most of them took between 3-6 sessions to show results.

Ready for Wellness Coaching?

If you health has taken a turn for the worse and if you are feeling sad lonely and depressed then just pick up the phone and call the number listed below or send a whatsapp message. I will revert to you.

We can have COMPLEMENTARY wellness coaching exploratory session.

As a health coach, wellness coach I will have an initial discussion about the issues and understand the scope of the problem.

This session will help you decide whether you want to go ahead and sign up for a coaching engagement with me.

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  • Do you hate the fact that you are unable to exercise because of long work hours and frequent travel?
  • Do you suffer from frequent colds and respiratory issues and you believe it is the weather and pollution that is causing it?