How does life coaching impact the organization?

Since every organisations performance is dependent on people it becomes key that every individual performs to his or her best potential. However this is usually not the case. The reason is one cannot separate career from the life of a person. Everything is linked very closely. So coaching for life has significant effect not only on his or her performance but also has a direct impact on the other people in the organization.

How much time does it take for effective coaching?

It depends on the size and number of people in the organization. A typical coaching assignment takes between 4 to 8 months.

Is coaching done is groups or individuals?

Life coaching is individual based and is quite intensive. However there will be group sessions and workshops in between to establish some key attibutes like leadership, attitude and teaming.

Will every person in the organization be covered?

This again depends of the size of the organization. But in a real midsized to large sized organization covering everyone will require a very long effort. To ensure effectiveness and speed the key members at senior, middle and lower management are identified. Once they are coached and transformed they will have the maximum impact on the rest of the team as well as the organization. They will also become effective mentors for their teams.

Is it possible for everyone to be transformed by coaching?

Theoretically yes. But there is a certain small percentage of individuals who show extreme stubbornness to change and requires a lot of effort and time to effect the transformation. The choice is with the organization whether such individuals needs to be transformed or needs to be weeded out. As a coach I will update the management of such an occurrence early in the coaching assignment.

Is it possible for everyone to be transformed by coaching?

If there has to be any lasting change then it has to be done at the root level. Corporate coaching is very impressive with lots of jargons to effect a “feel good factor”. Everyone feels great after the session but goes back to their usual self after some time. Life coaching is more simpler, more intensive. The effects are lasting because it impacts the life of the person and tackles the core issue and hence the transformation is permanent.

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