Executive Coaching

The coaching process seeks to empower the individual or group that is being coached. The coach acts as a facilitator, sounding board, motivator, cheerleader and accountability partner. The coaching process is goal-oriented.

The inside joke amongst business coaches is that all coaching, after the second session becomes life coaching. The truth is every aspect of life of an individual is interlinked and impacts every other part of life. Therefore, good coaching focuses on the individual and not on positions and expertise. Good coaches free themselves from the restrictions of domain expertise and experience.

However, the coach will not prescribe exactly how to achieve a goal. The coach will facilitate the process and the individual or the team would take the lead in deciding the specific steps.

The idea of keeping this process sacrosanct is to ensure that the entire process of developing the goal gives the individual or the group a sense of ownership and empowerment.


Executive Coaching helps individuals and organizations to:

Discover within themselves the answers to specific issues that they are facing

Gain clarity about the value systems in their life

Create a plan along with the coach to achieve identified goals

Discuss new ideas with an objective sounding board

Make life-changing decisions with support from a qualified coach

Overcome perceived limitations and reach new levels of achievement

Specific coaching tools such as, Visualization, The Wheel of Life will be used to achieve necessary objectives.

Professional secrecy is fundamental to the coaching process. Clients work on the overall outcome and also have the option to discuss the specific outcome needed from each session. Coaching is not mentoring, consulting, counseling, therapy or a spiritual practice.

Individual Or One-To-One Executive Coaching

The process of executive coaching approach, is done with clients on site or by telephone or Skype. Sessions range from 1 – 2 hours, over 6 to 8 sessions, typically on a fortnightly or monthly frequency. The majority of coaching issues we handle fall under the categories of:

  • Leadership development for high potential managers

  • Performance effectiveness

  • Transitioning to next level roles

  • Behavioral transformation

My executive coaching philosophy adheres to complete confidentiality with respect to the client and organization, placing the client’s interest above that of the organization, and always seeking to align the client to the organization.

Who needs coaching the most?

In every organisation there is a significant layer of middle management who are sandwiched between the top management and the actual work force. They are typically in their mid thirties to early forties.

This group is usually the most challenged group and the one with the least motivation. They usually feel they have “missed the bus” and have a feeling “no one understands or appreciates them”

Being in the middle their negative mindset can flow down to the actual workforce where execution happens. This causes lowering of productivity and poor quality of outputs.

This group constantly shares negativity amongst their peers and also the workforce to release their stress.

This group requires special attention. They require personality development as well as leadership coaching. They also need to see life, career and organisation in the right perspective to be able to get motivated and become a positive person. Team management and motivation will necessarily become part of the process of coaching.

One of the most asked questions is ‘Will coaching help me? Will it help me in my career?’

Yes. It most certainly will and here’s how:

  • Coaching can increase self-awareness

  • It can help improve your satisfaction levels wrt job as well as relationships.

  • It will provide better opportunities in areas which are your forte

  • It can enable more harmonious relations with others in career as well as personal life.

  • Self esteem will show an upward trend.

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