Why you should meditate when you travel

Meditation benefits your body and mind while also having a powerful effect on your health. If you are a travel bug, meditation proves to be quite useful to your physical and mental health. Whether you are going somewhere with your family, friends, or solo it’s sure that you want to get the most of your trip. Meditation actually helps you to take mental break while you are on your vacation. As it carries a vast collection of health benefits, the results can be worth the time.

You don’t need to cross your legs and chant aloud while you are meditating. Focus and control your breathing. If your mind wanders, calmly acknowledge it and return back to the previous stage. Also, it has the capacity to improve the quality of your holiday. Just look at these interesting reasons why you should meditate while travelling.

Increase mindfulness and appreciate your surroundings

When you are constantly on a trip, it may cause you to lose touch with where you are and what is around you. Some people may even caught up with their mind activities or planning what their next meal will be, that they miss the beautiful scenery around them. By practicing meditation, you can slow down your mind and appreciate the little things around you.

Calm your travel related stress and anxiety

I have observed that for many people, the transit time is stressful. Small things like making to the airport, getting the right train, or even sitting in traffic makes them more anxiety prone. Meditation helps overcome the anxiety and fear during travel. Anxiety actually happens much before the trip starts and that causes many slips which create panic and stress which should and can be avoided.

And the other one is people anxious and scared while travelling, most frequently via plane because the stress of flying gets to them.  Meditating before the journey can be helpful in both the cases. Also, you can meditate during the journey to reduce this feeling of fear, anxiety or nervousness. If you travel for long hours, meditate for a little while, your journey won’t feel so exhausting.

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Meditation can enhance experience

You can maximize the joy you are getting from an activity through meditation. Many people wonder how they would find time to meditate during meditation. The answer is simple; you can combine meditation with something that you would be doing anyway.

Just think that your plan is to read on the beach. Make your time for meditation before reading. Or if you can’t sit quietly for a long time, just connect with your surroundings. Notice how the sun feels on your skin, watch the waves crash into shore. Connecting with the elements of the planet to the maximum can enrich your experience.

Improve sleep, mood and boost energy

Regular and quality sleep is the top most importance to avoid feelings of fatigue while traveling. Also, jet lag can be of another factor which stops you from achieving the good night’s sleep. With meditation, you may be able to fight off jet lag and achieve a superior sleep. In a recent study it is proved that meditation can improve the quality of sleep not only during work times but even during vacations. Therefore, by adopting this tactic into travelling you can combat fatigue, increase your energy, boost awareness and gives more time to yourself and explore new and exciting destinations.

Travelling although an enjoyable endeavour, it can be scattered with stressful situations like long lines at security, immigration, delayed flights, traffic jams and many more. You can effectively handle these tense situations through meditation. Equip your mind with the skill it needs and gain control of your mind. Practice meditation regularly and travel peacefully throughout your vacation. Even better if you can do it with your family so that the entire family can enjoy a stress free holiday. If you find it difficult to handle stressful situations and are neither able to live life fully even though you take enough time out for holidays, consult a health and wellness coach who may help you overcome your issues to ensure proper physical and mental health.

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