Why should everyone run Marathons

Let me clarify a few things here before I begin. This is not about fitness but about something else.

While marathons have caught the fancy of most people who can claim that they have run some marathon or the other.

If you look at the marathon calendar these days there literally 8-10 different marathons every day across the country in different cities in India.

If course many of them are run for various causes and people are running it for showing support for the cause which is a good thing.

Actually those are not the marathons which I am talking about. Running or walking 2K’s and 5K’s are good but does not do much good for the individual.

I am talking about a little serious running of 10K’s, half marathons and full marathons.

Many people shy away from running this as they think they cannot do it and don’t find the time or discipline to prepare for it.

Marathons teach us a lot about many things.

For one it allows us to experience and understand our mind and body. It also teaches us a lot about life.

When one starts to run the marathon for the first time there is nervousness and fear. After having completed it there is a sense of pride.

After running a few marathons one can understand a few things(some may not see it)

  • There are many people older than us who run faster than us.
  • There are many younger chaps who run slower.
  • We are only looking improve our timing
  • The faster guys do inspire but do not worry us
  • We lose timing if we do not practice or if we are not well.
  • We need to constantly learn from our marathons and put proper effort to improve it.

Isn’t it the same about life. It is our journey and we have to look at it that way. This learning happens to people who keep running marathons.

So if you want to understand about life then do run Marathons.

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