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Before we look into the importance of setting personal standards and ways to increase it, understanding personal standards is very important.

In a simple way personal standards can be defined as the set of behaviours or beliefs that we have decided to live by. Associated with this are what we feel and believe about ourselves. In other words personal standards can also be defined as how you treat yourself, how you treat others and how you expect to be treated by other people.

Before setting or increasing one personal standard you need to analyse yourself.

Realise who you are

Without knowing yourself you can’t increase your personal standards. First you should know yourself from and define a level at which you are. Then only it is possible to set your standards. So give some time to understand yourself know your inner strength and talent then only proceed further.

Just to make you understand what is meant by understanding yourself here is an example. A farmer wanted to see his son as scholar and gave him an opportunity to learn Veda and Upanishad. After 14 years his son came back to his home with knowledge as well as the arrogance associated with it. Father asked a simple question.  What do you know about yourself?  The son was unable to give an answer. So, the father brought a banyan tree seed and told his son to break it and see what is there inside.

Son broken it and said nothing is there. Then the father said a seed which does not contain anything has the potential to become an enormous big banyan tree. Similarly like a seed you the potential to think what you can do and the ability to become what you want.  There is something in nothing you need to explore it to set your personal standards.

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Work based on your standards

After you realized what you are or what you want to become, working towards it is very important see the improvement. Every person has their own standards from which each is trying to move up depending on his or her understanding.  There is no merit in comparing our standards with others. It only causes confusion, frustration and lowering of self-esteem. Instead we should compare our standards with ourselves. What we are today, what we were yesterday and what we have to become tomorrow. Working on these three things helps us to increase our standards day by day.

If once you feel I am falling, you will be falling every time that’s why it is so important to commit to the standards of living that you expect of yourself.

Don’t just say it would be nice to change, have the determination to change yourself to live up your personal standards. As a life coach I can guarantee that you are capable of doing much more than you what currently you think, and you can reach much higher standards than what you currently expect of yourself. Go ahead, give it a shot.

Explore yourself to set your own higher standards. If you desire then you could attend my life coaching sessions to explore yourself.

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