This topic is probably the most relevant to discuss in today’s times. Almost 30% of the population between 15 to 80 can be categorized to be depressed in cities. Smaller towns and villages have a much lesser percentage of being depressed.

In fact, one could say that this is becoming an epidemic and is assuming proportions with disastrous consequences for the human race.

We live in a society which has the most modern communication systems, most comfortable lives in terms of effort to yield ratio. Modern technology has enabled man to control everything on his fingertips. It is ironical that everyone is sad lonely and depressed despite all this.

I would say that in a lot of respects this is one of the major causes of this problem.

Let us look at some of the key issues that is causing this problem

Lack of physical connections : Everyone is constantly connected on social media and constantly sending and receiving messages of love and likes. This gives a small temporary feeling of happiness. But the subconscious knows and feels the isolation. Every between husband and wife, parents and children within the home a lot of conversation has moved to the virtual world. People hardly meet each other, people rarely give love and hugs in the physical form, people don’t spend time during sickness. Most of time when people feel a little low there is no one who is with them.

Nuclear families and Community : In the earlier days people lived in a community where sharing and caring was integral to the way of life. Joint families had a number of people who would always be there whenever support was needed. Elders had the support of the sons, daughter, daughter in laws and grandchildren and vice versa. As modern way of living has given way to nuclear families that support infrastructure is missing. Elders are lonely, children are missing emotional support, and the working class is missing support of parents and elders.

Drugs : In the earlier times majority of ailments were treated with home remedies which were effective and had very limited side effects. Now the diagnosis and modern medicines are extensively used by all for every kind of ailment. Most of there medicines have an effect of immune and hormone suppression which triggers depression.

Chemicals in food : Chemicals in farming, food processing, water and packaged foods have a direct impact on immune suppression and hormone balance. This imbalance causes gut leakage and depression.

It is little wonder that with so many things affecting mankind more and more people are becoming sad, lonely and depressed.

What is the solution

Social connects : Stop being part of the herd and change the way you connect with the outside world. I am not stating that do a digital disconnection but take effort to spend time with your parents, in laws, uncles, aunts, siblings and friends. Express yourself freely in the language of love and respect. Give hugs to all your near and dear ones as frequently as possible and feel the love every time you do. It works wonders to your eliminate your depression and loneliness.

Drugs : Avoid taking medicines and drugs except in cases of extreme discomfort or in an emergency. Look for natural ways to heal your physical ailments. Do yoga, meditation and exercise to keep yourself healthy.  For heavens sake do not take drugs for depression. They do not solve any issues except make you dependent on it and cause your sense

Food : Even if it means an extra effort eat freshly prepared food at home. Do not buy any packaged or processed foods for you or children. In fact the more you avoid supermarkets and malls to fulfill your needs the better it is. Don’t get influenced by advertisements. All of them are meant to brainwashing you into selling you something. Just remember one simple thing. If bacteria has not been able to eat the food for months then your gut bacteria(which does most of the digestion work for you) also will be able to effectively digest it. Save the next generation by leading by example and ensuring that you buy them foods which are extremely harmful. If you love your family and your children then show it in the way you consume foods.

With all these factors affecting everyone it is sad that the solutions that people are getting are more drugs which is only worsening the existing situation.

  1.  There needs to be a massive change in both the awareness of the people and the doctors
  2.  Who need to start looking at the root issues and find solutions just by learning from our past.
  3.  You should also know that being sad, lonely and depressed is not only a state of mind but all the above issues.

To sum it up just remember that it is simple to be happy but we have complicated it by prioritizing on the wrong things. Focus on improving your physical connects, avoid drugs and eat freshly cooked food and keep this as the highest priority items in your lives with the understanding that it would result in good health, happiness and a life worth living.

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