Ways to step outside of your comfort zone

You may have seen a lot of inspirational quotes that encourage you to come out of your comfort zone and do things which you wouldn’t normally do. But getting out of your comfort zone takes a lot of work. You find what you are doing now no longer satisfies you but finding something new frightens you. But what if you don’t succeed?

You may think there is a lot of room for your adventures and excitements in your comfort zone. But, it’s important to try out something new and scary things in life.

It may be tough to get out of your comfort zone, but stretching your limits and facing unfamiliar challenges can make you happier and fulfilled in the long run.

Pick activities that challenge you

Make a list about the things that scare you and make you nervous. Then strike out the one which you want to start with. Whatever it may be, take one big step and achieve it. Think about the experience you get from this. Once you have your answer, write it down and whenever you feel like backing off, just have a look at why you started it.

Positivity to overcome fear

The top most obstacles keeping you from stepping out of comfort zone is the fear of failure. Think of the steps outside your comfort zone as opportunity instead of focusing on the possibility of failure. Keeping the positive possibilities at the front of your mind to push out the fears makes you stepping out of your comfort zone. Repeat positive phrases and encourage yourself. This will help you in giving that final push you needed to come out of the comfort zone.

Making long term changes

Doing small activities you normally hate to do can also help you to challenge yourself to come out. Change your normal and usual habits that feel repetitive and monotonous. It may be any tiny activity such as eating a same flavoured ice cream daily. Challenge yourself to try different flavours which may help you to easily handle bigger challenges.

Also change the way you view your day. Learn something new each day which can help you in stepping out of comfort zone. You will come to know about the different world when you explore.

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Coach yourself

Speak yourself and ask questions about yourself which was haunting you to come out of comfort zone. “What may be the worst that could happen? What is the best that could happen if I try this? What is holding me back? “. This technique helps you think about the possibilities you have to overcome comfort zone.

Visualize Success

People think of all the things that could go wrong often when they are asked to step out of their comfort zone. Actually, you have to do the opposite of it. Visualize about how successful or happy or fulfilled you will be when the outcome looks in your mind. Who are you? What are you upto? Picture the powerful image of success whenever you feel fear stepping out of your safe zone.

If you can follow these steps, you will become a happier and most fulfilled human you will ever be. Just learn what you are actually capable of and go for it. If you are not able to motivate yourself to come out of your comfort zones then consult a life coach to help yourself to move out of the comfort zone.

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