In the world today most people are leading lives in manner which is definitely befitting the most intelligent species. Bored, frustrated, listless and demotivated.

Unfortunately we are born to think and have the free will to do what we want. We can and do question everything. We also want new interesting things all the time. We want the best of everything but do not want to work hard. We wish that everyone understands us and appreciates us. We are also uncomfortable in dealing with areas unknown to us. If you look at it closely our own wish list is full of contradictions.

The end result of these contradictions is what leaves us with a feeling of failure, low self esteem and demotivation.

So in this context how does anyone get motivated? Here are a few tips.

Leave your comfort zone

Be willing to leave your comfort zone. Most people are stuck in their comfort zones and are unable to overcome their fear of leaving it. This is the greatest barrier to achieving your true potential. Great things happen when you leave your comfort zone. Since this a method to overcome fear it improves self -confidence and self-esteem. It also gives a sense of achievement.

Make Mistakes

Children constantly make mistakes and learn from them. We all have learn to walk, talk, read and write after making thousands of mistakes. As we grow older we get conditioned to avoid making mistakes. Fear of criticism and being ridiculed makes us really afraid to make mistakes. This makes avoid experimenting with new things, taking up challenges and even speaking in front of people. We become fearful and ashamed of our own self. We begin to become self-critical and judging even before attempting anything. This is disastrous for our life.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Also admit your mistake. Just do these two things and see the magic. It makes us feel more confident, courageous. It also builds self-esteem. The best part is it allows us to learn and improve. This is one way of taking responsibility for our lives. It builds integrity and we grow as a leader.

Self-Limiting thoughts

This again is a problem of conditioning which most people suffer. The strong belief in our inability to do any useful task causes us to get stuck in our existing paradigms throughout life. If a tiger believes he is a mouse then he will run away from every cat. It is not about being delusionary but realizing our true strengths and potential. Most people are very unhappy because of this self-limiting thoughts.

One of ways to overcome these beliefs is to keep doing new activities which you have never done earlier. Things like jogging, trekking, climbing, marathon running, theatre, social work etc.. Do activities which you have never done..swimming, trekking, cycling, jogging, climbing, social work, drama, music etc..

Choose to be happy

People generally choose to be unhappy. Ask anyone and he or she will tell you several reasons as why they are unhappy. Whether it is lack of material wealth, poor relationships, lousy job and career, poor health etc.. there are so many reasons.

Ask the same person to list down things that they are happy about they find it difficult to find reasons. I suggest you write down things to be happy about. Start with the fact that you are alive, your family is alive, you have a roof over your head, you have no disability and you will find an exhaustive list. There are a thousand reasons to be happy. You just have to know and keep reminding yourself of it. Motivation results in happiness and happiness results in motivation. It works both ways.


Once we finish our degrees and go to a job it ends our self-development activity. We become breathing robots and just live our lives mechanically. No wonder frustration creeps in over time.

Spend one hour a day on self-development. On weekends spend a lot more time on it. Involve your family and friends if you can. You can read a good book, hear inspirational tapes, do yoga, running, play  games which involve physical activity, take up music, join adventure clubs, take up CSI initiatives or take up any art form. Any one or more form of self-development can make us feel good and motivated. It also improves relationships with family and friends.

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Train to Finish

An average person is involved in hundreds of small and big activities constantly. The problem is lack of prioritization and completion. If you talk to any career person the typical response is “I am busy the whole day but have no idea of what I did at the end of the day.” This is the result of doing many tasks but leaving it without completion. Only completed tasks give a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Train yourself to finish a major task every day. Learn to plan and priorities. Even if it means to work an additional half an hour it is worth doing it as it is an important habit to overcome.

Dare to Dream Big

Most of us afraid to dream big because we are afraid of failure and our limiting beliefs. While overcoming these and getting to motivate yourself start dreaming big. Don’t worry about outcome in the beginning. Break the big dream into smaller tasks and begin to act on the tasks. Every small step is progress and helps increase courage and confidence to achieve the dream. Progress is highly motivating. Keep believing it will happen and with action it will.

These are a few tips which I am sure will help. If you are still feeling stuck in your life do get in touch with me through www.iinlife.in or call me at 9686126979.

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