Most of us treat water as an inert element in our lives. Of course, everyone knows how essential water is in our life. We use water for drinking, bathing, cooking, washing and other daily chores.

We probably will find it extremely stressful if there is less water or very limited water during the day.

The question is, do we really know what water is? Do we know how to treat water?

First and foremost we need to recognize that water is one of the five elements. We also need to recognize that water has life.

Let us know a few facts about water.

Water has memory. Water reacts to our thought. Dr Emoto did a wide variety of experiments of how water reacts to various situations and environments. The results were quite stunning to say the least.  If you curse water it turns to poison. A water which is prayed for becomes nectar.

It is also known that the earth constitutes 71% of water. It is almost the same in our body.

If our body constitutes of 70% water then can you imagine the effect of negative thoughts and emotions on our own body. We are constantly creating poison within and falling sick because of that.

Our body is and has to be slightly alkaline. If turned acidic it can be quite dangerous and leading to fatal consequences.

Hence it is important to know that water we consume has to be alkaline.

In today’s day and age most of us drink from the so called “bottled water” which is termed germ free and healthy. Do you know that the water is maintained at a level of slightly acidic to avoid growth of bacteria? Hence such bottled water is not good for our health.

Boiling water is even worse. It removes all the dissolved oxygen. It is for all practical purposes dead water. Drinking such water only scavenges oxygen present in our body.

Water available is most springs, lakes and rivers are all highly alkaline and is full of prana. Drinking it is extremely good for health. One can use a muslin cloth or a cotton dhoti as a filter to remove the dirt and then drink.

To summarise

Water is prana and it has life

Water is the main constituent of our body

Emotions and thoughts affect water. So avoid negative thoughts and emotions

Try drinking water from natural sources. If one has to drink bottled water look for the ones which are alkaline.

Always be thankful and bless before drinking water.


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