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Success sometimes comes from luck or can be won by the people who “wing it” or “dream it”. You may see a tall building and their great architecture and may feel amazed, but the main thing is the foundation of the building which is bearing the pressure and weight of this great place.

The same applies to our life, a person without proper foundation in life can’t see success and such a person can’t face up to great people who have a strong foundation as well as great determination.

We can call it the foundation or Framework for success. These are key aspects in our life process which determines whether we are successful or a failure.

There are 4 necessary critical components to build a frame work for success.


Having a vision of winning, telling your mind I want to win, because wanting to win means having courage to squeeze risk for the sake of its rewards.  Most importantly wanting to win is positive attitude which makes the people to lead and interact on the daily basis.


Having plan is very important thing in preparing your winning framework for success. If you are having a goal to complete your studies as a highest scorer, then preparing a plan on what to study, how to study, when to study as well as what not to study will help to achieve your goal. This is an extremely important part of your study framework.


It is probably a bit confusing when it comes to execution. Is execution part of the framework or as a result of the framework.  The truth is, it is both. At one level it is a component of the framework and on the other it is an action. The reason is that once the plan gets into execution it gets into smaller tasks and goals which becomes part of the plan or framework. The smallest of the tasks become the action.

Evaluate and repeat

In the simplest terms, ask, “What is the score?” Are you meeting your expectations? Are you winning? Is there an opportunity to improve? In programming, a developer can get to know he/she is doing correctly or not by executing every small piece of code that has been written.  That way the program can be improved.  Similar evaluations, corrections are necessary for proper execution. The main part of evaluation is correcting the process to see  progress.

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Now I want to explain the stages involved in the effective framework creation for success.
 Describing the end results

Describing the end result needs the vision the first component I explain earlier. Visualizing the final outcome / result helps us to take the proper steps to get that result. Visualization helps your mind to create a virtual reality for itself and your subconscious starts working towards it. If you do not know the exact details about the destination, you will never reach anywhere. All successful people use it consciously or unconsciously to reach the destination they want to reach.

Break it into small pieces

It is nothing but planning what should be done first and deciding which has the high priority. Breaking the task into small pieces based on priority helps things to go smoothly. If a developer visualized the final outcome of coding a web page, dividing the complete web page in to small layouts coding for each layout makes him to reach the final destination to get the complete web page.

Start working on it

This involves the execution phase where you have to start acting/ working on each part to reach the final destination. Once the plan is ready you successfully decided success criteria, in this example the success criteria will be dividing the layouts and having the complete knowledge of programing. In the same way for every process there will be success criteria which plays an important role in successful execution.

Measure and correct

It is the extremely important to measure your process and evaluate it every time. This will help to determine if you are in the right path to success or not. If you are in the right path then it is good to continue, if not it is the time to take the corrective action before moving forward. If the last two iterative steps here have you really confused, then a life coach can help you come out of your confusions by working on different options and solutions.

“Put your heart, mind, soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success –Swami Sivananda.”

As he said keep control of your mind even when you are doing the smallest of things. This also results in good health and wellness. Take the help of life coach to ensure proper steps are taken to achieve the success in life.

“Who you are begins tomorrow with what you do today.”

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