Over the years we have all been brainwashed into believing that germs and bacteria are bad for health and are out to destroy us.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

This is what marketers of soaps, hand wash liquids, shampoos, medicines, vaccines have managed to brainwash us into believing.

We are constantly bombarded with pictures, videos, ads which depict germs in a evil form which infest food, water, air, toilets, even mobile phones, door handles, water tanks, lakes, rivers and every conceivable place that humans use or interact with.

Let me place a few eye opening facts before you.

  1. For every cell in our body there are more germs present. To put some numbers, we have close to 37 trillion cells in our body. We also have between 39 to 50 trillion bacteria in our body. We are more bacteria than humans.
  2. We cannot survive without bacteria
  3. Without bacteria we cannot digest any food as they help breakdown food.
  4. Bacteria scavenge dead cells and other decayed matter within the body

Of course there are bacteria which create harm to the body but they are very small in number compared to good bacteria.

But the most important thing to understand is that bacteria causes harm to us when our immune system gets compromised.

As long as our immune system is strong no bacteria is capable of causes us damage or any serious illness.

In fact when our immune system is compromised then even the good bacteria mutates and begins to cause problems in the body.

A good example is if we leave food in the open all birds, insects and worms will prey on it. If we cover it then all the food is protected and only the waste food which is opened up is consumed by them. The immune system is like the cover.

Why is it important to understand this? Simply because today’s parents are so paranoid that they do not allow children to be exposed to food.

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