In my earlier blog I talked of success being wrongly measured and defined. However there is a way to define success.

Before that let me provide perspective that success is not related to career. One should look at success in life. It includes every aspect of life.

My definition of success is “ Doing what one wants to do in life is success.”

Sounds very basic isn’t it?

It is basic but the trick is to find out what one wants to do in life. This is where most people fail.

We have all had definitions of success from everyone outside. It is time we started to look inside and define success for ourselves.

Once you begin your inward journey then most of the questions will get answered automatically. It will give us answers to what we want and love to do. Once we understand our love then it doesn’t take much to pursue it.

The difference between this success and the earlier one is, the first one had outcome as definition, this one has the action itself as the definition of success. Outcome could be material wealth but that is not so important here.

The action gives so much enjoyment that everyday life becomes a pleasure. Happiness comes naturally and as a result of it life becomes beautiful.

Good health, great relationships, high energy is all part of this.

So, what would you prefer? Success as defined by the outside or your own definition of success?

There is no doubt on the one you would choose.

So go ahead and get your success!!

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