Everyone wants to be successful. At the same time most of us feel lack of success most part of our lives. This keeps us constantly unhappy. Who defines success for us? It is the organization we work, the peers we have, the friends we have and the society we live in.

If I were to ask this question to anyone, 9 out of 10 people would define success as fast rise in career, an ever increasing salary, a house, a villa, a luxury car etc..

Why is it a sign of success? Because that is what everyone believes. The fortune magazine, the online business magazines talks of successful people in terms of being billionaires, their luxury lifestyle, their expansive homes with 100 rooms, a private yacht, a private island and makes everyone aspire to do the same.

All advertisements be it pertaining to real estate, liquor, food, watches, jewellery and entertainment all create a vacuum in us by making us look like the ‘have nots’ and in indirect terms a failure.

Nothing is far from the truth. Has this ever led to happiness?

You can keep chasing this dream to only see that happiness is constantly eluding you! To add to it the more you acquire the more stressful life will become since managing it is more difficult and complex.

So, what is success? Honestly there is no definition and should not be since one cannot define anyone else’s success. But there is a way to define and look at success for everyone without being prescriptive.

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