In the earlier ERA we had most people who would marry quite early, have children at a young age and by the time they reach the age of forty, grandchildren came into their lives. One would start to slow down and retire by the age of fifty. Living beyond sixty was a bonus and probably the next few years would be spent trying to fight the illnesses.

Considering today those days were a struggle. Struggle for basic needs like food, education. Families were big and not enough for everyone! This topic is not about comparing era’s but about something else!

That is ageing! In the earlier Era ageing was accepted gracefully and no one attempted or struggled to look young! People were not fighting nature.

But today everyone has a problem with ageing! No one wants to grow old!  One wonders why?

It all comes down to one basic problem! The problem of death! We all want to defy death and become immortal!

Now everyone adopts to dyeing their hair, to cosmetic surgeries to keep looking younger!

So, what is the issue?

The issue is adding one more dimension and complexity to the basic problem of death!

Let us look at dyeing as an issue? Assume you start to have grey hair around forty?  You start to dye your hair. Let us say you turn forty five! People say you look young and you feel happy! Next you turn fifty and the same comment! Again you feel happy!

But you have turned fifty! You know that your hair must have really turned white! But you are scared because now ten years have passed and you dare not expose yourself!

As you grow older the hair starts to thin and recedes, it scares you even more! But externally you now do more to look young! Every year that progresses you know that you are covering up more and more from your true self!

Twenty years have passed after you have hidden yourself from this world! Now if you stop things will look so drastic that people will get shocked to see you age so much! So you continue!

But age will show in every action! All your sense organs will weaken, your physical strength will not be there and your memory will also show signs of decay!

You have cheated yourself and world so much that it makes you feel miserable and the real you is shackled in your fears!

Living a life of sixty with a cosmetic body of forty is a conflict which is tough to endure. Honestly it is not worth it!

Every person who allows ageing to naturally take place lives a life of freedom which cannot be compared!

So please stop Dyeing and dying before actual death! Live life naturally!

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