This question is extremely relevant in today’s context. Everything is getting faster. In sports from a good lazy form of test cricket we have extremely fast test cricket. In athletics records are constantly being broken in every discipline. Usain Bolt is celebrated and an Iconic figure in sprint. In car racing, bike racing, cycling it is speed and the adrenaline rush that attracts attention.

In business people organisations are running faster to grow at a pace which beats every competitor.

For every normal person everything has become faster. You can book tickets faster, you can travel faster, you can buy anything and get it delivered faster. People are getting less patient in getting responses. Customers expect responses 24×7 and any delay is considered unprofessional.

Everybody is buying faster cars, faster bandwidth, faster mobiles and eating fast food.

The expectations of people is also that pay packets should rise every year by 30% and promotions should happen every year or two years. Buying a house, car and all the furnishings should happen within 3-5 years of employment.

In this constant search for excitement and thrill is there something we miss?

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Yes we do! We miss LIFE!!

What do we get in this speed based life? Stress, hypertension, headaches, migraines, back ache, neck pain, obesity, loneliness and depression.

To understand we need to look at nature. When do we feel relaxed in nature?

–          A gentle breeze – slow

–          Calm sea shore – lazy and slow waves

–          Trees swaying gently

–          Butterflies and insects slowly moving around

–          Cows and other animals grazing at a slow pace

When do we feel stressed by nature

–          When there is a storm, hurricane and tornado – Speed

–          The fury of floods – speed which destroys everything in its path

–          Volcanic eruption and avalanches – violence of nature

Remember we are part of nature and our natural form is slow. What do doctors, nutritionists and wellness specialists tell you

–          Breathe slowly

–          Eat slowly

–          Meditate and slow down your mind

–          Learn to relax your body

–          Yoga is good as it is a slow process

Don’t worry about what others are doing. Slowing down will make you feel better in every way.

Just so that you understand take your car and go for a drive out into the countryside. Do not plan to reach anywhere. The drive is the purpose. Drive very slowly and you will realize how enjoyable it is. You will also realize that the slower one goes the more you are able to see and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you stop then you can soak in the every aspect of the environment.

So it is with life. The slower you go, the more you are able to see and enjoy. It also results is good health and happiness.

Try it and experience it for yourself.


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