Qualities and skills to improve leadership communication

When you are in the leadership position, you often don’t realize that the spotlight is always on you. Whatever you say and do is being scrutinized, for the better or for worse. You have to accept both the honour and challenge of leading a team, it is very important to remember that what you do both on and off the battlefield effects your ability to lead. Leadership communication is much more than the words you say and how you articulate and how you make your team to hear it from you. Effective communication is nothing but emotional intelligence, knowing about your audience and also active listening.

1. Speak less, listen more:

This is similar to asking the right question is actively listening to those speaking. We often find that we have bad habit of thinking about what we have to say next as opposed to actually listening to the other people speaking. When we do that, it just shows that we are not completely engaged in the conversations. Leadership is not something standing in front of group people and shouting orders. You have to often notice that the wisest people listen more and speak less. The less we talk, the more we will learn from those around us.

2. Clear verbal communication:

One general rule, people will not listen attentively. Therefore, it’s a job of a leader to speak as clearly and effectively as possible. We need not display our command over the English language. This habit unfortunately gets passed on to the team.  If you speak like that then the message is lost and it sounds arrogant.  Remember, the goal of communication is clarity. You have to prepare in advance, there’s no rule which says a conversation needs to be purely improvised. When there is an important discussion, take your own time and plan your words and sentences. Think about the objections the people may have towards your options or solutions.

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3. Stay calm and be positive:

Calm is contagious, carry yourself with confidence and try not to wear your emotions on your sleeve. Being in a hurry all the time drains your energy. Getting caught up in things beyond your control stresses you out. Effective communication is all about 7 % the words what we say. The rest is all about your body language, tone and delivery.

4. Be present:

Business executives, entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds usually have days with little to no time to relax or think.  Sometimes we rush with our meetings to meeting and sometimes conference calls rarely taking some time to clear all the heads and to reset for the next item or agenda.

Most studies show that humans are truly productive for only a few minutes each hour. Mostly due to distractions. Sometimes you will be chatting with your friends in break room or you will be in call with your clients or leading a company meeting, all this times you have to be actively present at that time. You should always be engaged with your audience no matter how trivial you think the conversation may be. That way they know you care.

5. Work on emotional intelligence:

This is one topic where we can’t cover it in one bullet point but it is worth in mentioning because it is often overlooked and also deemed an unnecessary quality. It is not a softer-side leadership quality, it’s imperative.

I think these 5 points can help you out in becoming the good leader for leading your team successfully. Lack of leadership qualities in most of the people made them to suffer in their work life and prohibited their growth to the limited extent. To build leadership qualities become a successful leader, take the help of an executive coach.


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