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As the physical transformation happens in the human’s life on a slowly and constantly, the same way personal transformation should happen. Unfortunately, it does not happen as automatically as physical transformation. It needs to be worked upon.

Personal transformation can be defined as expanding the consciousness of the individual which results in increased awareness of the things going internally and externally. This is extremely useful in taking well informed decisions.  A caterpillar before morph into a beautiful butterfly needs some amount of time. In the same way personal transformation needs some amount of time and desired actions.

As a life coach I facilitate people to undergo personal transformation to achieve their desired life goal. Here I want to discuss steps one should take for effective personal transformation.

Step 1: Know who you are

Knowing about yourself, your abilities and weaknesses is the first and foremost important step in the personal transformation. It helps to strengthen or improve your abilities and change your weakness to your advantage. It gives you the motivation necessary to move towards your goal.

Step 2: Ask for the guidance

Once you know about yourself, sometimes you may confuse on what action you should take to improve yourself. In that situation it is better ask for suggestion from the experts, elders, friends or a life coach or advisor. This helps to save your potential time and avoid veering off in the wrong direction.

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Step 3: Come out of your comfort zone

You should be ready to take risks to achieve your goal. Success requires effort, getting out of your comfort zone, take risks, expanding and acquiring new skills and mind set to achieve your goal.

Challenging yourself every day to become better than yesterday is what one should aim for on  daily basis to achieve personal transformation. At the beginning you may come across rejection, embarrassment, someone saying no, losing some friends.  But in the end results will give you happiness and fulfilment.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

So you should become the sculptor to discover the statue inside you.

Step 4: Trust yourself and erase negative beliefs

It is well known that thoughts create our world and we attract what we think. The universe or nature will support you in the direction of your thoughts and actions. So trust yourself, think positively. The right attitude (positive thinking) and right action both are necessary to achieve the right results.

The statements like “I don’t know enough”, “she is better than me”, “I don’t have time” limit your thoughts and make you to live like a frog in a well that limits what’s possible. As long as you think these statements are true, nothing you do will have the desired effect.

Believe you have the power and potential to achieve anything and know that all obstacles are experiences are necessary to gain experience in the pursuit of your goal then you will get the universe to support and fulfil your goal.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. – James Allen”

Step 5: Track and celebrate each success

Tracking your success and celebrating each success helps to cheer up yourself and build your own inner strength. When you better yourself, you should expect the same. That’s just proof that you’re on the right path.

It is not wrong to praise yourself. It will not become egocentric or selfishness. Instead, you’ll inspire yourself to do bigger things.

“Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish, It’s necessary.”

These are the five important steps you can follow for your personal transformation. If still you are confused how these will work for your personal transformation. Write an email to me by filling the contact form in my website, I will get back to you with the solution based on your problem. Visit

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