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Does breaking up with your closed one hurt? It obviously does.Can one still manage to be happy despite the break up?  Just know that happiness is a measure as decided by you. Most of the feeling is based on expectation and to some extent guilt. The feeling of being let down is based on expectation. It is important to look at how far you have already come rather than how far you need to go. Counting your missing makes you to feel low, it is worth every penny to always try to count your blessing.

Here are the main things you need to do with yourself to move on in your life;

Give yourself time to heal

At this time it’s difficult for you to make peace with yourself forgetting the past. Yes, someone has broken your heart, your trusted everything and, being human it is natural that you are hurt. Stop analysing it. The more you do the more complicated it becomes. Since the mind is in turmoil it becomes incapable of logically and objectively viewing the issue. Just accept it and let it pass.

It is just that you must give time to yourself to forget everything, to forgive everything. If you start worrying it becomes worse and nothing worthwhile comes out of it.

You might be having many questions in your mind like, why? Or why do good people always suffer?

These are questions for which there are no logical answers. Accept it as a part of karma or universal plan of which you are one small part. It is meant to be.

Healing yourself will ask more from you; more rest, more self-love, more letting go more time for learning, more space for transformation, more honesty about how you feel, more time developing good habits and more faith in yourself and the process

Talk to someone who cares

Not everyone will be same. There are people who feels your pain, who responds to your pain.

Identify them they are the one who always stand by you, whatever might be your situation. Talk to them, mingle with them and hope some of the words bring you comfort and light in a dark situation, whatever it is you’re going through right now. Healing will be in its way.

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Allow yourself to be human by feeling the pain

There is nothing wrong in feeling your pain, the more you run away the more it comes closer to you. Just because you are missing someone that does not mean that you need them back in your life. Missing is just a part of moving on.  You can’t control everything, just let it be. No need to be positive all the time. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad, angry, annoyed and frustrated. Feeling depressed, feeling lonely and depressed, scared or anxious is part of the healing process. Wondering if something is wrong about the way you feel causes more issues than the feeling itself. Accepting the pain and negative emotions is important to heal. Having such emotions only shows how “human” you are.

Learn lessons from the experience

Whatever happens in your life, whether good or bad every situation gives a lesson. You should ask and find out how useful the experience was and what was the learning.

Yes, in all the way, experience is a hard teacher. The test first and lessons later. We are what we are today based on your experiences in the past and will be what we experience in our future. Acceptance and learning makes the difference in the outcome as a person we become every day throughout our life and so it is with break ups as well. It also allows us to be in the present and live our lives fully.

Avoid Feeling sad, lonely and depressed

In tough times, you need to stay motivated instead of feeling depressed. If you allow the feeling of being a victim grows then the loss is difficult to overcome and there is no lesson to be learnt. Suicides, drug addictions happen because of the feeling of being a victim.

Also, never ever beg for a patch up, accept the situation, handle all the memories of your ex, get a better understanding of your breakup. See what you can do and move forward and within a short period of time you will realise that breaking up was the best decision you took.

Involve yourself in an activity which keeps you busy and helps you forget your sorrows over time.

Undoubtedly break ups or divorce leads to a painful situation in life. But it’s not the end of life as life gives you many opportunities to smile. But sometimes it becomes difficult for you to allow yourself not to be tortured for the rest of your life. For your own sake and for the sake of those who love you need to come out of it. If you are lacking in motivation or finding it harder to come out of depression then you can meet Rajan Sampath, life coach and motivational Speaker in Bangalore who can facilitate the process of healing.

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