Marathons and Life

I had earlier explained why people should run marathons. Let me explain why Marathons represents life in every way.

What are the Learnings

1. There are many people who do better at Marathons than us. There could many reasons. They are stronger, have been good at sports, may have been running for a long time, has been practicing harder and is essentially a fitter person. Similarly many of our peers and juniors seem more successful than us. They have had a different journey, like school, teachers, friends, intelligence level, different set of skills etc.. Why is it that we are not able to see it that way?

2. If Marathon is a personal journey and cannot be compared with anyone else career is also a personal journey which cannot be compared.

3. We constantly learn and improve from every marathon experience. We learn to look at points where we lost time(failure) and work on it to do better.

4. In life when we fail, we do not look at it as a an experience to improve but start to blame others including the organization and people. This is like trying to blame others for our poor timing in running. Isn’t it stupid?

5. If we do not practice properly then we perform poorly compared to our earlier performances. We recognize that and simply try and improve.

6. In life when things go from bad to worse we do not see that our complacency and lack to learning has caused the issue. Again we blame others for it.

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Why is it so easy to see the right perspective in Marathons but so difficult in life. I call it perspective. When running Marathons everything is in front of our eyes and happens in a short period of time. So it is easy to understand.

In life it is spread across many places, situations and over 40 to 50 years. So getting to see it is difficult. We begin to run other peoples races and forget ours.

I hope you can see it now. Just look at life as marathons and millions and millions of people running it from their perspective. You just have focus on your own and constantly introspect, learn and improve.

Happy Running!

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