Who doesn’t love brands? They are everywhere! Right from our shoes, watches, jewellery, clothes, belts, cufflinks, ties we all look for the best brands.

Everyone wants to flaunt the most expensive brands and show their worth. Someone who owns a Ferrari or a Lamborghini has truly arrived in life.

If you own a luxury apartment in an exclusive area in a city and rub shoulders with the who’s who then again shows off your worth and success.

So what is the problem with brands? Is owning a Ferrari or a Luxury villa a problem? No that is not the problem.

The problem is the way we relate to brands. What exactly is brand? Any brand indicates high quality, performance which is superior to other peers in the group. Driving the luxury car is a lovely experience. Living in a villa is an experience in itself.

Experiencing the brand is different from identifying with it.

When we begin to believe that brands enhances our personality or enhances your value then the problem starts. Simply because it raises a simple question.

If brands increase the value of a person then does the person have lesser value without the brand? Does a person have less respect if the brand goes? If the answer is yes, then one has a huge problem.

It means the person is constantly undervaluing himself or herself. This results is a constant feeling of inadequacy, low self esteem and a lot of emotional stress associated with it.

People stretch themselves is get brands and try to live beyond their means and destroy themselves in the process.

So my simple suggestion, by all means use any brands, enjoy it but be very careful in making it an extension of your identity. Life will be better and more enjoyable.

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