In my earlier blog I had detailed out the problem! Let us now talk about the solution.

There is a simple solution to this seemingly complex problem!

Just two words “THANK YOU!!”

That’s it? You think it is ridiculous right?

Allow me to explain. Before that I need you do just this!

When you wake up in the morning say “Thank You”.  Before you sleep say “Thank you”

How does it work?

Let us take the morning part first. Assuming you wake up tired and feeling low! When say Thank You your mind will ask you what are your thanking about? Now you have to think of something and that thought is important. Let us look at it.  You can be thankful for

Waking up alive! Many people would not have woken up that day, remember!!

All your vital organs and sense organs are functioning normally! Just think of how it would be to wake up without being able to see or hear anything?

All your organs of action are intact! Think of how it would feel if your arms or legs went phut!!

Your near and dear ones are healthy and alive! Think of the day you come to know of a tragedy or illness affecting someone close to you!

To add to that you have enough food and water and the weather is good!

Now how do you feel! Great isn’t it! Changes the whole mood!

Let us take the night part!

Same situation! Had the lousy day in office! Traffic was bad! Had a fight with your wife! Now say thank you! So what can you be thankful about!

You are still alive and kicking aren’t you?

Your family is alive and normal isn’t it?

You got enough food for the day?

Now remember the things that went well! We always remember one incident and that is what we carry through the day! Recalling things that went well puts things in perspective!

Now when you look at the day it looks like a fairly good day with some minor irritants! Now you can feel good and sleep with the thought!

In fact you can do the “Thank you” many times in the day especially in moments which you feel low as it allows you see all the negative experiences in proper perspective and allows you to learn.

All the feelings of inadequacy comes from looking at life with wrong set of lenses. Thank you provides you with the correct ones to make life much better without changing anything externally!

Please don’t underestimate the power of the word!


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