Almost everyone would have heard of this is one form or the other and probably agrees with it as well. But it is quite ironic that everyone finds it difficult to practice it on a day to day basis.

Simply put we all feel inadequate most of lives. Everything that we see and experience throughout the day only keeps reminding us of it.

We open a newspaper, there are hundreds of ads which show us all the luxuries which we don’t have right from beautiful villas and homes, top of line cars, gorgeous women, jewellery and every other stuff which could make our lives better. Doesn’t feel good does it?

We go to office and see how many of our seniors are doing so well with so much power, authority, travelling first and business class, taking important decisions and driving such key strategies.  Does one feel helpless and frustrated?

We come home to a wife who has so many demands and so much to complain about! Again we wish we had a wife like the neighbor who has so  much fun!

Finally we switch on the TV and see the ads which also remind us of all the things we don’t have. Shows celebrities having so much fun, attention and adulation.

So when we go to sleep what do we feel! Failed, frustrated and helpless and completely inadequate!

So what is the issue? Two issues!

One, we relate everything we see to happiness!

Two, we forget to recognize what we have!

Is there any salvation? Any solution?



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