While there comes with plenty of changes in life like new relationships, moving on in life leaving all the sadness behind for many of us, changes are always not certain. The truth is that changes are not always joyful but rather a time to act to make things work perfectly in life. We can just say that it’s time for lot of us to smile over the changes & pretend that everything is working fine when your heart is drowning & still being helpless you need to adopt the changes.

Changes are necessary in life to make things work perfectly in life. Whether you like it or not, you approve it or not it’s going to happen with or without your knowledge. Life should be balanced with equal happiness & sorrows because if one thing weighs more then the balance is lost. So happiness change you & sorrows bring back to your original state to balance your life.

Here are some of the signs which shows that it is time for a life change.

1. When you glamorize the past to escape the present

Ask yourself why you’re afraid to look at the present, and unable to take steps to create a more positive situation. It’s high time for you being in that state it becomes necessary for you to take steps for the sake of future in order of escaping from the situation.

2. When you resist unexpected opportunities out of fear

In order of holding on what is pulling you back it is better to let go so that you can embrace new opportunities which life is offering you letting go of all the internal & external fear

3. When you feel emotionless

Emotions play a very important in personal life as they can’t be controlled. If you really want to come of out your emotions then ask yourself whether you are just going through the emotions or you want to come of it. Try doing what your inner voice says you to do in order to be happy & come out of your emotions.

4. When you’ve lost all passion for your current situation

Some situations & people have expiration dates. As you grow and change, you need to accept the situation & must move on leaving your past days for your growth. If everything is gone out from your hand then sitting idle will the correct situation you must be strong enough to bring back the correct situation in life.

5. When your actions don’t align with your words

Actions will always speak louder than words. If you are not doing what your inner voice says but listening to your mind says then ask yourself that why you are taking such a big decision in your life & try to find the answer for it.

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