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With the elections around the corner there are speculations whether the Prime Minister Mr Modi will get a second term.

The number of ardent supporters of Modi have grown significantly over the last four years and rightly so considering that we have after a such a long time come across such a strong and powerful leader in him who not only has the cleanest pair of hands but has demonstrated a work ethic and commitment for which there no parallel.

For those who are worried about the possibility of a corrupt coalition coming back due to the enormous power of media and vested interests who are leaving no stone unturned in blowing every small issue out of proportion to make the government look like a “dangerous” one. That is the only rhetoric which does not require any data or any specifics. It can work on the underlying emotions of people and repeated use of it may manage to convince some part of the population that it is true.

However, this article is not about what possible outcome the election will throw up. It is for the supporters and detractors to know that there have been some very significant changes which have occurred which will have a lasting impact on the people of the country. These changes which were waiting to happen have finally happened and nothing anyone can do to stop or reverse it. To a large extent the efforts of certain groups over the last few decades have been nullified by the current government.

The changes can be classified into five categories

1. Faith vs intellectuals 

For many many years an average well educated Indian used to pride himself to be free from all these “stupid traditions and beliefs” and call himself or herself an educated person who is scientific and logical. Any person who was deeply religious was looked down as a person who is kind of “illiterate, unscientific and not progressive”. Many of us very caught on to as this is what was the broader narrative of the so called “liberal, intellectual group” who dominated media, literature and arts. The sincere attempt by many spiritual gurus, religious leaders to break this had yielded minimal results. This government provided the needed impetus for many people to open up every possible front to drive some sense into the so called “educated class” on the value of our traditions and the importance and beauty of our faith.

The change is so dramatic that today we see most of the population quickly adapting to the faith and also getting to learn about our spiritual past.  The visible part can be seen in temples where there would be mostly older women and senior citizens earlier but now is full of college going students, the working middle and upper middle and the upper class.

The largest part of our population has moved from the “pseudo intellectual” to a normal faith based group.

In fact, if anyone comes up and says the he does not believe in God and is an intellectual then they are laughed at and made to look like stupid stubborn people who refuse to see the right side of things.

2. Ancient History :

Thanks to social media and the current government everyone has been exposed to the false narrative which has been fed to us for the last few decades.  The actual artefacts, the beauty of not only our architecture but the heritage architecture around the world has been shown in true glory.

The richness of our scriptures, our people, our cultures makes us truly proud of being an Indian. We are truly a privileged nation with such a glorious past.  This information thankfully is being shared by people through posts, videos, spiritual lectures.  Our prime minister has always used every occasion to talk about this and make help spread this information across.

Even if at worst case we have a left liberal supported government who tries to change the text books and syllabus to fit back the earlier narrative it is going to have very little effect.

Once the truth is known and appreciated there is only going to be more in that direction. In fact, scientists, doctors all have begun to talk about this. Sorry but the damage is done. The left liberals can’t be effective anymore with this.

3. Traditional cures vs allopathy

 Another great exposure of how pharma companies and medical equipment manufacturers  are driving this industry creating a whole sick population.

We had been fed with a narrative of how unscientific were our traditional cures, how homeopathy does not cure, how Ayurveda has dangerous heavy metals etc..

We were constantly fed research reports from reputed groups to show the cause and solution to diseases and used as guinea pigs in every experiment.

The resurgence of traditional cures, the beauty of Ayurveda and homeopathy has brought about a strong a parallel industry which has thrown a challenge to the mammoth and powerful multinationals forcing them to come out with products in the same lines.

The parallel industry had the full support of the government to make such rapid strides in fours years.

Whatever changes at the government level this deluge is impossible to stop. We will only see this getting better and becoming more mature as time goes. The people have caught on to it and seen the benefits so they are not going back.

We see people trying out home cures as the first remedy, then alternative medicines and finally allopathy as the last resort now.  Earlier people used to run to the doctor and hospital at every instance. People now go these places only for serious and emergency cases.

Again, any attempt by the big MNC’s to change this is not going to happen.

4. Traditional foods

For the last twenty years we have been fed modern foods like MacDonalds, KFC’s, Coke etc.. as a fad. People used to pride themselves associating with these foods and companies. The current generation of people in their 30’s and 40’s have consumed this crap for a long time resulting in the growth of a number of chronic and serious ailments.

Thanks to the Indianness which has found its voice, the value of home cooked foods, richness of traditional Indian foods has been spread effectively across the populace.  The dangers of packaged foods and chemical contamination are being exposed enough to make everyone aware of it.

Now we see people thronging hotels serving Indian foods, home cooked foods being supplied and eaten at corporates.

Children are being taken out of their fast food habits but parents and is slowly taking effect.

Coke has seen negative growth in India and many Fast food giants are closing branches.

Once aware, always aware. Our traditional foods have and will be the future. Nothing can change this in the near future.

5. Swatch Bharat 

This is also a campaign which has had a lot of effect. We can see cleaner towns, cities, railway stations and roads. We were used to stinky, dirty toilets and stations, trains, small hotels but today we can be quite sure of a clean toilet in most places. A welcome change.

People are getting to see the positive change in their surroundings.  More people are throwing garbage into cans.

Also citizens raise a hue and cry if there is dirt and garbage anywhere. Dirty toilets have become unacceptable to most of the population.

Once the level of cleanliness is experienced by someone there is no going back on that.

Any new government, if it comes, even if they do not name the campaign as Swatch Bharath have no choice on this as people have changed for the better and the government has to support it.

There are many other things like support and respect for the army, our image abroad, the conversion issues, the game played by our media all of which has got exposed in the right way for the people to know and react effectively.

We all wish Mr Modi continues for another 2 terms atleast, but for the haters and detractors of Mr Modi I can only say that India and Indians have changed in many ways which you cannot do anything about but take it forward.

The Left liberals and intellectuals may sense one more term but they do not realise there are very few “liberals” left in the population to support them.

All of us who support Modi should be happy that apart from doing so much for the country in terms of development, crusade against corruption and black money, effectively strengthening the country on all fronts there is a underlying change as detailed above which will have a significant positive impact on India’s future and thankfully cannot be reversed by any political initiative.

The Author Rajan Sampath is a leading Life and Wellness Coach and Motivational Speaker and Founder of iinlife.  He is based in Bangalore. He has motivated, coached and transformed hundreds of corporate professionals and individuals to lead a successful life and career. He also specialises in healing illnesses by working through the mind-body connection and has helped people overcome many ailments like Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid, Depression, Migraine etc. He is a strong advocator of spirituality and traditionalism as means to achieve peace and success in life.  One can read about him and his Blogs in

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