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These days it appears that more and more are facing tiredness and lethargy. Moreover, a lot of people imagine that being tired all the time. It is just a part of a life of a busy person living and working in the 21st Century.

Occasionally, the source is free probably; you have been sitting in office for too many hours in each day (OR) you may have just moved to your new house. Though, always the reason is not so evident. If you snag thinking yourself view regularly, “Why am I always tired for all the time”?

Here are some important ways to tackle the cause of your tiredness which would help you to sleep better and wake up more energetic every day.

1. Unwind and de-tress:

Everyone compacts with stress in their lives but it’s how you respond to it that matters for your specific reason. If you find being stressed constantly, it’s time to make efforts to do something about it.

There are many things you can do if the stress is part of your daily life

1. Change your perspective: Almost every stress is set in your mind. Try to judge your interpretation of stressful situation in a typical way by finding an alternative positive viewpoint. If you commit to work is full of roadwork of crazy traffic, decide to see this as a perfect time in reading a book or listening to uplifting music. It’s all about shifting your focus to positive.

2. Buy a plant: Researchers have found out that the plants being around environment can bring you is relaxing response. It is a study that originates a cluster of stressed out people who entered a room where full of plants had four-point drop in your blood pressure. In general, being around the nature has comforting and therapeutic effects on your brain. So even just by taking a break to sit in a park or by under a tree can decrease your stress.

3. Go for a short walk: A walk which will help you to keep your head free and boost endorphins, and helps to reduce your stress hormones. If you are at work, walk up-down the stairs for a couple of times or walk around the block. On some days try to go for a longer walk to really get a boost to a positive mind. While walking be mindful and observe the environment, including people, trees, birds, butterfly etc. or else download an audio book of motivational talks which helps in shifting your focus away from stressful thoughts.

4. Laugh: Laughter is the best medicine for your body. There is an ideal slogan, which you may have heard of, “A day without Laughter is day Wasted” which implies, a common man must laugh several times a day.. Laughter activates your body stress response, then cools it down quickly, leaving you to feel relaxed. Take time out to watch a funny video clip, crack out your favourite comedy or ring up to your friend who makes you always laugh.

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2. Eat Healthier:

The food that we eat, has a huge impact on health. When it comes to our sleep patterns, food impacts our daily rhythm i.e.; the 24-hours cycle for our body follows each day. So it’s important to keep track what we put into your body.

You can easily sleep better by making a few changes in your diet process:

1. Eat Peanuts: If you are feeling difficult to sleep or falling asleep, eat more peanuts or natural peanut butters. It contains rich source of niacin and peanuts help to increase in releasing of serotonin.

2. Eat Cherries: Cherries are one of the natural foods to contain melatonin. One study found that drinking sour cherry juice results in improving your sleep quality and duration.

3. Try dark Chocolates: Dark Chocolates helps you to relax your body and mind.

4. Avoid Alcohol: Any kind of alcohol is bad for your sleep also for health. Analysis has shown that mixing a single glass of vodka with caffeine-free soda at bedtime has increased the amount of time one is awake during the night.

3. Avoid Caffeine:

Sure, caffeine can give you a bit of a boost for the short term, but you could drink over eight cups and still be lethargic.

What are the side effects of caffeine consumption? Like Headaches, irritability, and dehydration. When you are already feeling tired and crappy, the final thing is to feel worse!

As an alternative, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Your brain will feel attentive and energized naturally than trusting on a stimulant like coffee. Consume energy-boosting foods, like almonds, spinach, orange, salmon and blueberries.

4. Get Some Sun:

Stand in the sun every day.  Just fifteen minutes in the sun increases your Vitamin D levels, along with Vitamin B which is responsible for fighting fatigue. Main common symptoms of vitamin D deficiencies are feeling tired, moody, pain and stressed. Go outside during the sunshine!

5. Workout:

Spending too much time sitting makes us inactive and empties our fuel tanks. I know when you are feeling tired, the last thing you want to do is to be active and move about. But you will be amazed at how better you feel after doing some exercises.

According to a recent study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, women who get 150 minutes of mild exercise per week report less tiredness and more energy than those who don’t.

6. Have a Power nap:

There are many benefits of napping, which includes improvements in alertness, learning, memory and performance.

The benefits of a quick power nap at work is that we have demonstrated to be so good for companies such as Google and The Huffington Post have installed nominated sleeping zones in their offices.

7. Switch Off:

During the night, keep your mobile phones turned off. According to Ofcom, around half of the population use their mobile phones as an alarm too.  

Experts are having found that using mobile phones and other electronics before bed interferes with our sleep. Research has shown that the bright light that is emitted from electronics and smartphones seriously messes with our sleep patterns.

Their advice is cut TV, computer and mobile phone time after 8PM. Before you go to sleep, it’s better to read some story books or  just listen to some relaxing songs.


If you find Stress is being a constant companion of your life, it is time to reconsider your habits. Be conscious of how you respond to stressors and create change of habits and perspectives in a negative way which causes physical stress in your body.

Exercising, switching off, and being mindful of what you eat creates more energy and effectively neutralises your stress.

Start today by deciding to make changes. You can also get support from a  Life coach like Rajan Sampath. He is also motivational speaker in Bangalore. He will be able to facilitate faster transformation.

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