How to handle your emotions

Emotions can be termed as feelings. What you think or feel about a person, place or material will be considered as emotions. Whether you are dealing with happiness or joy, anger, frustration or depression all are considered as emotions we come across in our everyday life.

Our emotions dictate our thoughts, intentions and actions with superior authority to our rational minds. When you do not act on your emotions immediately, then you are on the safer side.  Immediate reactions or actions in response to your emotions usually ends up in feeling regretful or guilty.

Handling both positive and negative emotions are important in leading a balanced life, but when compared to positive emotions handling negative emotions is more important as negative emotions like rage, envy or bitterness can make you lose control of your actions.

Here are some tips to handle emotions the right way.

Don’t take an immediate action – As said before don’t take immediate action on your feelings or emotions. To avoid acting immediately take a deep breath, hold for sometime without doing anything. This would allow you system to calm down. It will also allow time for thinking and rational analysis. We will either act in a more mature manner or just not react. Both are effective ways to respond.

Avoid the situation – Many times we can anticipate the emerging situation. Knowing it then the best situation is to avoid it if possible. If you know that talking about a weakness or an issue is likely to provoke a difficult situation it is best avoided talking about. Similarly knowing that meeting a person is likely to result is a bad situation it would be best to avoid meeting the person. Keep away the peoples and situation that makes you anger and frustrated.

Ask for suggestion/ Guidance – Most emotional triggers usually end up in the wrong decisions or regrettable reactions. So when you are at the situation where you can’t handle your emotions ask for suggestions, from your friends, family or consult a life coach or motivational speaker who can help you to handle the situation more sensibly.

Supressing and Expressing Feelings – Both supressing and expressing the feelings or emotions are the ways to control your emotions. In situations like when you feel fear about something or someone it is better to express in a proper way otherwise the feelings will begin to hurt over the long term.

In other situations like when you get angry with someone close to you in public, it’s better to avoid or supress your feelings in that situation, because it may hurt them and which could result in rash actions on their part.

Shift your focus – Don’t concentrate on the things which makes you feel bad and takes you to the constant sadness. When you notice this situation is making you to feel sad lonely and depressed then shift your concentration on to other things which gives feeling of calm keeps you happier. Start thinking about the solution for your problem rather than about the problem which triggers your emotion.

Think bigger – Think positive about the things that have happened know that all of them happen for good. It is part of the experiences which happen in everyone’s lives. Even in the midst of an emotionally upsetting moment, trust that there exists an ultimate purpose which you will come to comprehend soon.

A constant control and reminder on your thoughts helps you to handle your emotions in the better way. Thinking about the causes of the feelings may lead to a reassessment of the situation. So when we stop thinking about the same situation, we may think about how to reinterpret the situation and reappraise it.

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