feeling depressed

Depression is curse of todays generation. It affects a significant population especially in the urban areas. There are many reasons for it. Breaking up of joint families, pressure of success, social media, smartphones, chemically ridden food are some of the main causes of depression today.

Children, teenagers, college goers, working people as well as the senior citizens are all affected by this. People are constantly searching for help online for feeling “ sad, lonely and depressed.

We will not go into details of the causes, rather focus on what to do when depressed.

First and foremost do not go for anti-depressants or any kind of drugs. These are all temporary fixes but cause long term damage to both the nervous system, brain function as well as the immune system.

Here are a few ways to get out of the depression.

Firstly do not get worried about it. It causes more problems than the depression. Accept and allow yourself to say it is okay to get depressed and it just one more feeling like happiness and anger. It takes a lot of pressure away by this simple step.

Talk to someone close to you. It does not matter whether that person is able to offer a solution or not. Just talking takes the load off your shoulders.

Exercise. Any kind of exercise. Even a leisurely  walk in the park can reduce the stress and make you feel better. Of course if you can work out at the gym, play a game, or go for a jog then that can definitely help.

Disconnect from all media for some time. Whether it is news, facebook, twitter or Instagram all of them only makes you feel more depressed and lonely.

Connect with real things. Go talk to people. Walk in the park. Observe nature, hear the sounds, breathe in fresh air, all are therapeutic.

Write down whatever you feel. Let your feeling on to paper. This allows the emotion to go out of you on to the paper on which you are writing.

Eat healthy foods like salads, raw fruits, yoghurt etc.. These allows improvement of your immune system and also improves your mood.

Go for spiritual talks. These talks are very helpful since they are held in a positive atmosphere and everyone is in a relaxed state of mind. The speaker and the speech touches you in the right ways to make a difference to the state of mind.

There are many more ways to help a person when lonely and depressed.

The important thing is to be compassionate towards oneself, know it is okay to be depressed. Just act of some of the tips mentioned below will give the necessary energy to add more actions which will pave the way for a full recovery. It will also give the necessary confidence to deal with such a situation if it occurs in the future.

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