How many times in life you have tried to change and failed? It may be your job which you are working for more than 10 years or may be your marriage has failed or you have a complicated relationship which you can’t talk about with anybody. By hiring a Life coach, no matter what the particulars of your situation is, you can get more benefit from them. Most Life coaches in Bangalore  help you move through your fears and support you in taking that big step in life which you are afraid to take off.

But how do you find the right life coach for you? For an average person who doesn’t know anything about the life coaching industry, it will become a tough question. Here are some guidelines which can help you to find the right life coach for you.

Find a Life coach who is specialized in your area of need

Most people go in search of a life coach when there is something not going well in their life. It could be anything such as the career path you are following is not in the right direction or your life is lacking meaning and purpose. Whatever it may be, you have to first choose the life coach who is specialized in your area that you want to improve.

Look for a life coach with proper training

The life coaching industry is brand new and anybody can call themselves a life coach even though they have no training in the particular field. Therefore, look for a life coach who is certified in training or can give two levels of services,

  1. An introductory class in weekend.
  2. A certification program which takes a year or more to complete.
Choose a life coach who understand you

You have to choose beyond the surface impression, when you are choosing a life coach. It’s not like you are changing your engine oil or buying a new pair of shoes. It’s about your important part of your life which you want to improve. You can’t derive a lot of information from a life coach’s bio or website. If you are starter, listen to the interviews of the coaches you have chosen. Also its good if you have a conversation with 2 or 3 life coaches and choose the one who understands what your goals are.

Choose a life coach that fits into your budget

If you are hiring a life coach means it is an investment to your future success. But you should take care of your budget also. Have a healthy conversation with the coach about the rates and how long the engagement will be.

Choose a local coach

Life coaching is different from all other professions. So you don’t have to look for a life coach the same way you would look for a dentist or massage therapist. Most life coaching is conversation based. What really matters is the bond you have maintained with your coach. So physical presence is never an important factor to be considered. Some life coach work on the phone with their clients because it’s more convenient for both the parties. So don’t choose a life coach just because they are few blocks away from your reach.

So these are some of the factors to be considered to find a right life coach. Life coaching can helps you to overcome your fear of future life. Also, before stepping in search of a life coach, first make sure that you are ready for it. Because you need to be ready to be open with a Life coach. Or else even the best coaches in the world cannot work with you if you are not ready. I can make you to open up where my experience helps. If you are searching for a life coach please contact me @ and explore whether it works for you.

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