Everyone in this world would have come across this 4 letter word, experienced this many times in their life time.  You may be confused what those 4 letters are, it is none other than FEAR.

People always like to be in their comfort zone. Uncertainty in personal life or career causes fear. There is always a wish to keep things in control. Unfortunately that is not how the universe works.

What does fear do? It actually prevents a person from living his or her life. Fear paralyses people from taking actions. Fear breeds negative thought. Fear causes health issues. Fear destroys relationships. Fear causes possessiveness. Fear pushes a person back from progress to regress.

Is there more fear than was before? Difficult to say but the fears have changed for sure. In the earliest days it was the hunter fearing getting hunted or bitten by snakes. In the last several hundred years it was invasions and wars which was the cause of fear. There was also the fear of hunger which was dominant for several centuries.

What has changed now? Wars do not happen except for Middle East. Terrorism has increased but still very marginal. Life of every individual in most countries has improved dramatically over the years.  Yet people have become more fearful than ever before.

Here are some things which have altered the human mind.

Information and Social Media :

Every negative event in constantly exaggerated and whipping up emotions and passions around events has become commonplace.  Facts are twisted to make it newsworthy. People are made to believe that the world is getting worse by the day. There is a constant narrative which is fed to make people lose trust in each other and become fearful of everyone.

Wealth and Greed : 

Almost everybody is wanting more and more for himself and his family to secure the future. This is causing more insecurity is the process.

Love and relationships :

Everyone is apparently so busy that they have no time for anyone else. This is causing loneliness and isolation.

Lack of control :

With the world appearing to move at a much faster pace than before things appear to be less in control of any person. Everyone appear lost and stuck in their own paradigms.

 Individual fears :

Each individual has many fears. Some fear heights. Some fear water. Some fear their parents, wives, husbands or bosses.

Have a look into some of the common symptoms of fear

  1. Racing heartbeat
  2. Difficulty breathing
  3. Feeling dizzy
  4. Sweating
  5. Overwhelming anxiety, panic
  6. Feeling pressured to do it
  7. Needing to escape
  8. Feeling detached
  9. Feeling like you may faint or die

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Is there anything that you can do to change it?
Of course?

Stop following the narrative : Don’t get carried away by social media. The world is at its peaceful best after many centuries of wars and mass murders. Just to give you a perspective over 50 million people died in World War 1 and 2. The world trade center bombing killed only 2300 people yet it created more scare and worries than the world war. Information is an issue!

What happens to you is mostly the truth. If you have been able to go around everywhere without any difficult experience and people have been good to you then that is what the world truly is.  People don’t get attacked just going in the night. People don’t get robbed in crowded places. 99.9% of the people are nice and loving. Know it and believe it. It makes life much easier to deal with.

Find out your insecurities : Sit down and list down your insecurities. Face up to it. Analyse it. 90% of it is imagined. Have trust in your children. They are good enough to lead a good life for themselves.

Spend time with people : Do not spend virtual time with parents, friends, brothers, sisters and children. It only causes isolation. Take time out for each of them as a high priority item. Giving and receiving hugs melts away your fears. Love and trust is essential for everyone’s health and wellbeing. Do not substitute this with anything else like material comforts. Doesn’t work.

Lack of control : The world is too big and too complex for us to control. Accept that things will keep happening which we do not expect. Dealing with unexpected things and learning from it is the greatness of life. It makes one’s life richer. Acceptance changes fear to happiness and peace.

Face your fears : Many times the fear can be overcome by facing it. Getting into shallow water and slowly going deeper over time can take away the fear. Going up small heights and then going up greater heights can remove fear. Talking and facing up to people who intimidate you can also take away the fear. Avoiding all fears only makes it worse. Don’t hurry but take one step at a time.

 Talk about your fearsDiscussing your fears with your loved ones or relatives or friends helps to come out of your fears. If you are not able to share with your friends or family then consult a life coach who can help in all the aspects to come out of your fears.

Coming out of your negativityLooking everything in the positive way and always be positive is the one more key to get out of your fear. Negativity makes you to feel fear about the things you are going to do. As the negative thoughts lower your confidence and paralyses you into inaction.

Take actionFears are don’t exist except in your mind.  If you take the action on it you will realize the truth and the result of the action will help to come out of your fears. Overcoming fears builds confidence and helps move forward in life.

Consult a life coachIf you are under confusion and fear about the things going on around you, take the consultation from a life coach.  I am life coach and intend to help people like you overcome fear to achieve their goals and to help them to lead a successful life. To book an appointment with me please visit my website @

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