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Ambition is a strong impulse to achieve something in life. A person without any ambition they can’t be successful in life.  A lot can be achieved with dreams but not with daydreams.

To achieve one’s ambition there needs to be a strong will and determination. It also requires tremendous persistence. Each and every person in this world has ambitions. It is not always about success and money which we are talking here but about a direction and goal which is needed in life. Most people do not realise their ambition. Rather the lack of clarity about the ambition and the outcome is usually never taken into consideration.

Typically, if consider different professions like sport or corporate or even arts the ambition is usually to be the very best like being CEO, living a luxurious life and ensuring the best for the family, or being the best in sport, becoming a legend, achieving fame and money.

Where does this ambition come from? It has two aspects, one talent for the profession and need to be successful.

So where is the problem? It is quite simple actually. The common assumption and understanding is that becoming successful and famous is associated with peace and happiness.

Actually, it is quite the opposite which people discover only when they reach such heights. It is quite scary, stressful to say the least. Very few people can handle it when it comes.

So, what is to be done. Should people stop being ambitious? Actually no. Let us look at a few things to clarify that.

Don’t confuse outcome with goal

Let us take the case of someone wanting to become a CEO. If you ask someone why they would say power, fame and money. Same with sport or any other art.

Instead of that ask yourself what you would want to do if you became the CEO, what would you do in sport that would make you the best? Becoming famous and powerful is an outcome of what you do, it is not the key focus.

If the action does not excite you then the ambition is not worth following because it is definitely going to give you a difficult time when you get there.

1. Enjoy the journey and the action

If the journey and the action are not enjoyable then the ambition is completely misunderstood. Relook at it. One has to enjoy the process and journey of whatever one is doing. For example if you do not enjoy playing football, cricket or tennis then fame is of no use. To look at it the other way, if the focus moves from playing to worrying about fame then life will become a mess.

2. Stay away from negativity and comparisons

Research says that one of the main reasons for people feeling unhappy is that they embolden negative emotions like jealousy, inadequacy and comparisons.

People always compare themselves with their family members, friends, and others with the standard of living, prestige, fame, richness and many more. This is a clear recipe for disaster. Avoid it like a plague.

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3. Always live in the present

Living in the present is most important nature of leading a healthy and happy life. Many people are perplexed with the past mistakes that lead them to don’t want to let go, while others wait for the perfect future situation when they become happy.

Remember that in order to lead a happy life, the best is to live in the present.  Just focus on the good things that are happening at this moment. Don’t overly worry about the things of tomorrow or future, and also don’t stick with things of the past.

4. Reflect on good things and appreciate them

There are a lot of good things that the day brings with it. Take a time to appreciate all the good things which are happening in life. Be thankful to God and the people around you for the blessings.

Reflecting on good things and appreciating the same will make you happy. It does not have to be big things in life to reflect, when you reflect an each and every small things, it will help you understand how wealthy and blessed you are as compared to others.

5. Know the reality that more money will not give you more happiness

Like I mentioned before don’t focus on the outcomes. It is always change for the better or worse. Focusing and enjoying the action will keep you grounded and happy. It will also allow you to reflect and improve while taking responsibility for your failures or successes.

Money, fame and power are fleeting. It is like trying to cling on to a leaf and hoping to save you from the flood. Sooner or later you will drown.

6. Count your blessings

Usually one tends to start believing himself to be a god when success and fame comes in to ones life. Nothing can be farther than the truth. Remember that there are a thousand things which could have gone wrong in the journey which could have prevented you from achieving success. Also these thousand things are definitely not in your control.

It is also important to know that there are hundreds of people who have contributed to your success.

If at all you can only take ten percent credit for it. Knowing this will keep you humble and grounded. Keeping this as a fundamental understanding will allow you to be happy and successful.

While this looks easy sometimes one tends to forget and get into a mess. Life, health and relationships become messy.  If you happen to feel lost and unable to figure this out then take the help of a life coach who will guide you to find your inner self again when happiness and success co-exist.

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