This is relevant both in career as well as in life!

Right from our birth we always look up to someone to take inspiration from and learn from. As children we get inspired by parents and often mimic them.

As we grow out of parents we get inspired by a friend who is extremely talented. We have a need to get associated with him or her and be with that person all that time.

At work we get impressed by good leaders and tend to follow them, learn from them as well. While growing we also follow and learn from various gurus who make a lasting impression on us.

All this is okay to a point, but where it gets a little confusing is as we tend to find challenges in life we start to get more and more dependent on that person.

At career we latch on to the person and move alongwith him or her wherever they go. If they quit and leave to join another organization we follow suit. We lose our sense of identity and our individual confidence to move into any role without the person.

We lose our inner strength and appreciation of our individual skills and become totally dependent on that person. It leads to an inner conflict and continuous dissatisfaction throughout our career even though we may appear to be going up the ladder and earning good money.

In life we start following the guru and become a fan and a follower. The guru becomes bigger than the teaching. We lose perspective and get totally caught up with the guru. This again leads to inner conflict and loss of inner strength. This makes us become even more dependent on the guru.

In both cases as time progresses we become weaker and weaker and more dependent on that person which is a self – defeating goal. We lose respect for ourselves and others also don’t respect us since we have lost our individuality.

At the end of it nothing is achieved by this.

So remember one simple rule in life.

Don’t follow a person, follow their teaching and learn from them.

This also allows us to respect other leaders and gurus in equal measure and learn from them. An approach which is empowering and highly rewarding.

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