Each and every person feels lonely due to situation, but for some, loneliness comes far too often. Feeling lonely can torture many people which includes elderly people who are isolated and those with depression with the symptoms such as sadness, isolation and also withdrawal. Loneliness can strike a person who lives alone or someone who lives in a house filled with the people. However, depression doesn’t always lead to loneliness, where feeling lonely is often be a predictor of the depression for few years or many years later, and it certainly leads to have sadness.

How to fight depression and loneliness

Loneliness feeling will not be constant to call for an action, but you have to push yourself to get back the thick of life and also re-engage with the others and to start feeling better, which gives a better strategies for the fighting and also loneliness can help:

Make a plan:

There are two types of loneliness, where acute loneliness which results in from losing the loved one or moving to a new place. Consider example, in these situations where you get chances where at some level you’ll have to go through a period of adjustment to get through this feeling of loneliness. Other type of loneliness is chronic subjective type, where it strikes the despite of your existing relationships. Both of this loneliness requires a plan of action.

  • Do something-anything:

In depression treatment there is treatment which is known as behavioural activation; this is a clinical way of saying, just does it. When you feel lonely and if you want to change it, a small step which you take- even striking up a casual.

  • Explore your faith:

There are some strategies which proves a successfully protect against the loneliness, and this is one of them. There are lot of factors at work here, where one of them being that faith communities which provides many opportunities for positive social encounters.  There is no need of having a close friend in the community to get the benefit.

  • Have realistic standards:

Loneliness is not the one that mismatch with your ideal and what you actually have, there is a solution may be to accept that you can have a fun and a light conversation with a variety of people and it is ok if you don’t become a lifelong confidents, where it reflects on whether you have any unrealistic standards which makes too hard to connect with the others and also to stop feeling lonely, such as expecting too much from a new friendship too quickly or relying on another person too much.

  • Think beyond yourself:

When you are depressed it makes you feel self-focused, which means that everything is all about you. But you need to remind yourself that if you ask your co-worker to join for a lunch and that person can’t make it, then you should not automatically assume that he or she has rejected you, because that person may have a previous lunch date or too much of work to leave his or her desk.

  • Reach out to a lonely person:

Whether you’re feeling lonely now or just know how it feels, you may get an emotional boost from befriending someone else who’s lonely. Some people may view loneliness as contagious and therefore lonely people often become even more isolated. “We believe there is a responsibility in the community to reach out to people who are suffering,” In doing so, you can help others and yourself, too. Examples include volunteering for an organization that helps elderly people or visiting a neighbour who’s lost a spouse.

  • Explore theory:

If you can’t shake your profound feeling of the loneliness or isolation or any other symptoms of depression, then you might want to talk with the mental health professional as part of your depression treatment. You need to look for the professional with a cognitive behavioural background and also approach that’s been shown to help with the depression and also loneliness.

Sometimes it’s difficult to overcome loneliness despite trying. In such cases, you can overcome your loneliness with the help of a life coach. Life coach motivates you to deal with such situations and helps you to overcome your feeling depressed nature. Rajan Sampath is a Life coach in Bangalore who will help you to reframe your life understanding your situation in Life.

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