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This is the most important question that each of us should ask ourselves. Are we taking complete responsibility for our lives? This answer for most people will be a  resounding “NO”.

Are you surprised? You can ask, I am in charge of my career, earn a salary, take care of my family, educate my children, to a large extent take care of my parents. I own several houses, have a few cars, bikes and take my family for vacations. I have risen in my organization through several promotions and have increased responsibilities, have been recognized for my efforts and my appraisal feedback say that taking ownership and responsibility is my strength.

What more do you want me to do?

There is no question that most people in this world are discharging their duties reasonably well. The question is whether you are happy and satisfied at the end of it. That is where the question of taking complete responsibilities comes in.

Let us take career and work. Most of us constantly blame our organization, customers, our peers, top management, environment, competitors and politics for all the issues that comes our way. It results in frustration, helplessness and anger and nothing else.

If we take our family we find that our spouses don’t understand us, children are not studying well, parents don’t appreciate our point of view and relatives are always playing dirty politics. Again anger, irritation, mistrust and poor relationships is the result.

To top it all issues like corruption, dirty politics, crime and environment pollution are all even more frustrating.

In all this are we even able to distinguish our life from the rest? That is where the core problem is.

Don’t we find it convenient to blame everyone else and feel like a victim so that there is no responsibility to taken? We feel that we are the most honest and perfect person who has been victimized by everyone.

Completely wrong. Simply because this attitude only results in frustration, anger and helplessness. As this keeps continuing it further results in a person feeling sad, lonely and depressed.

Just turn the whole thing around and start with a simple statement. “ I take complete responsibility for my life. Every problem that I face is because of me.”

Don’t start arguing on this statement. By simple stating this there is a complete shift in thinking. We start to look inwards and see where our thinking has gone wrong, the mistakes we are making come to the fore, our expectations start to change.

Once we start to recognize our problems we have the power to correct it. We start to act in a way to become better in every aspect of life.

You will be surprised to see that the more we change the better the world looks which makes us feel more positive, happy and peaceful.

We learn to accept things more easily and see the differences with a more objective point of view.

Living with this awareness is the journey to take complete responsibility for our lives. It is a journey filled with excitement, happiness and energy.

Please do take this simple step and live a life worth living.

Sometimes one is unable to effect this change on their own despite trying. In such cases it is better to take the help of life coach who can help kickstart the inner transformation. If you are looking for a Life Coach in Bangalore or in India then you can reach out to me.

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