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Everyone in this world wants success and runs behind it in their everyday life. But once you decide on your success dish, you should also think about the recipe or in general the basic elements- Confidence, willingness to change, knowledge, experience etc. By considering all these you can achieve career success.

While it is essential to gain new knowledge and experience throughout your career, it doesn’t necessarily get you to long term career success. You have to proactively pursue opportunities and take control of your life and develop a strategy that will enable you to reach your career goals.

Check out this recipe to become success in your career path. Your path may be different from others but there are some key ingredients common to all the paths to gain success. 

  1. Creativity
  2. Boldness
  3.  Staying true
  4.  Simplicity
  5. Complaint-free
  6. Letting go

With all of the uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity- the rapidly changing business environment has become ‘new normal’. Successful business executives recognize their need to maintain their leadership edge and understand that developing new knowledge, skills and techniques is critical to remain competitive. Some consult executive coaches and train themselves to become more focused towards their business.

Stay true to yourself

One and only key to success is hard work and hard work comes with passion. Take your time, relax and listen to your heart and you will find your way on what you want to pursue at all times. Also, remember one thing that money doesn’t necessarily equal to success.  Don’t bother to take the job even of the job can earn you lots of money, if your heart is not in the role or the activities involved in the job.

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Less is always more

People tend to spend too much time on trivial  decisions as it always complicates life and keeps your mind away from your goals. Live as simply as possible because simple life gives you more time. If you keep on making decisions for every little thing like spending the whole morning deciding the day’s lunch, then you have lost atleast the most precious 4 hours working towards your goal. You will find that there are just not enough hours in a day.

Never wait for chances

Yes, create your own opportunities, leave your comfort zone and knock the door of others. Grab all the opportunities in the world and make a difference in your career. If you are looking for funds for your start-up, then go and communicate with the potential contributors. Doing a risky task may give you cold shoulder but later you will thank yourself for being so bold.

Relaxation brings creativity

Working long hours to become successful is good, but without relaxation your creativity diminishes. You run out of ideas and this leads to stressful situations. Relax, get your favourite instrument or game and start playing. But make sure you don’t run of time by relaxing more than you wanted so that you run out of focus on what your key tasks are towards your goal.

Let go the failure

Without failure, you don’t get success. Also, failure is the first step to your success. Don’t think “why do I always have to suffer?” It is never easy to climb the ladder of success in your career. Embrace failure with gratitude instead of complaining about it. Learn from your mistakes and enjoy the hard times. And always remember, what doesn’t kill you will always make you stronger.

Never get self-adulation in your victory

It is good to feel happy about your victory. But if self-adulation takes over then it start to harm your progress towards your goal. Remember this is only the first milestone in your way to success. Don’t blind your eyes and vision with the short term happiness. Be focused and redefine your success path. Know the origin of your journey and why you wanted to be successful at the very beginning.

So this is a small and simple recipe to reach your goal and find success. Also remember, you won’t be successful before loving yourself. Harming your health never lets you think of creative ideas and affects your productivity. Boost your mood and keep a sharp focus by giving your body the rest it needs. So, do you want to take a step closer to success? Be patient and keep moving. Find yourself distracted and moving away from your goal? Consult an executive coaching in Bangalore and gain clarity about the limitations and find means to progress towards your short term and long term goals.

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