Depression affects your mood and general perspective. Nowadays it has become a common mental disorder means it can be triggered from grief, financial troubles, unemployment or even work pressure. Common signs of depression such as sadness, feeling hopelessness, negativity can be easily spotted. But some biological symptoms such as chronic disorder, lack of appetite and stomach aches are hard to break.

Most patients suffering from depression suffer for very long time even without realizing that they need help. People avoid talking about depression thinking that it as a weakness, but it is just not about the fact of considering that you are feeling sad, lonely and depressed. Depression also can be associated with the symptoms of countless physiological conditions.

Constant pain

Mental disorders adopt biological pathways with simulating neurotransmitters. Research reveals that 75% people with depression complaints on persistent physical chronic pain. The more severe the physical pain, the more badly the depression. Don’t be so quick to brush off if you experience any back pain, neck pain or other sources of pain. Other symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches are also to be considered. A recent research revealed that patients with depression are less capable to manage pain and avoid getting hurt.

Bulging waistline

You think while sitting around, why your waistline is constantly increasing, you might want to reconsider eating all those sugary treats and ice creams you have been gulping late at night. Comfort foods have a mood enhancing chemical which increases the levels of serotonin that promotes feelings of happiness to your brain. A recent research revealed that stress tends to make extremely difficult to lose weight with increased level of depression.

Feeling irritated and angry

If you are feeling lonely and depressed, a slight trigger makes you feel irritated, angry and grouchy a lot. According to a study, nearly 54% of people who struggles with depression tend to feel angry, argumentative and overly hostile. These types of emotions are hard to be avoided, and you always end up exposed to other negative emotions like anxiety and foul temperedness.

Drinking alcohol more than usual

If you find yourself drinking more often than usual then you need to think that it is a lot more than exhaustion of a boring day. Your liquor dependency may be being triggered by depression if you are over doing alcohol. To eliminate feelings one drink is more than enough, but if you are going beyond second or third, then it usually ends up in aggravating negative feelings such as anxiety, aggression and anger.

Day dreaming

Day dreaming a lot is also a symptom of depression according to some research. Psychologists believe that when our mind starts wandering and fantasizing things, it makes us anxious and sad in reality. Also, day dreaming may be a positive escape to come up with creative solutions to combat challenges, but if it’s done excessively, it is seen as a sign of anxiety.

Inability to decide

Every day a human make around 70 conscious and unconscious decisions which most involves daily activities. Majority decisions don’t involve our daily reflections such as dressing choices, breakfast routine and so on. These tasks may be simple to a normal person, but a person with depression finds it difficult and challenging. These tasks weigh upon our mind, resulting in heightening our inability to reach a decision.

Sleep deprivation

Inadequate sleep is also a main symptom of depression. It will also trigger your irritability and increase your depression risk. Person with sleep deprivation has more brain activity while sleeping than well rested person. Too little or too much sleep, bad sleeping habits may disturb the brain activity severely.

Negligence of personal grooming needs

Neglecting your personal routine activities such as brushing your hair, wearing clean clothes, struggling to get out of bed in the morning is also a depressive symptom. Not caring about your physical appearance shows how one feels about oneself and is a strong indication of severe depression.

Thyroid disease

Hyperthyroidism occurs if your thyroid gland can’t produce sufficient thyroid hormone. This directly connects to your neurotransmitters which regulates your serotonin levels. When you are in depression, automatically even without your knowledge your hormone levels varies a lot which results in constant body pain. It’s better to have a thyroid test if any other new symptom occurs such as cold sensitivity, fatigue or constipation.


Sometimes it’s difficult to overcome depression despite trying. In such cases, you can overcome your depression with the help of a life coach. Life coach motivates you to deal with such situations and helps you to overcome your feeling depressed nature.


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