Very often when we have any pain or discomfort we usually take on two routes to solve the issue.

If it is something like headache or cold, we take a pain killer or a anti -allergy medication on our own.

If there is fever, we take a tablet to reduce the fever.

If it persists or the pain is little more then we rush to the doctor who prescribes medicines and eventually find relief.

You may ask, what is the problem with this approach? Is it not the right way to get over the issue?

While I do not want to say anything to the contrary there is a very important aspect that gets missed in this approach.

Firstly, remember pain is a symptom of an underlying issue? Your body is indicating something to you which you have to listen to. By taking a pain killer to rid yourself of your symptoms you are missing an opportunity to find out the root cause. Going to the doctor is also of little use because the doctor also treats the symptoms and does not know your root cause.

Now you may ask a question? What should be done? Is it possible to find out the root cause?

The answer is “YES”.

  1. The simple principle is when pain or discomfort arises in the body one should Bear the pain for some amount of time
  2. Reflect on the events in the past 24 hours
  3. Try to relate the current issue with those events

More often than not we can find the causes and also the solutions to the problems. Almost everytime medication will not be required.

A word of caution here – If the symptoms are very severe, something like a heart attack then please rush to the doctor.

Nine out of ten cases listening to the body can work. While you may not be able to get full clarity in your first attempt, adopting this approach regularly can help you understand your body and mind more and more. As time passes every issue can be resolved without medication and without any visit to the doctor.

Remember, no one is supposed to know our body and mind better than us. Unfortunately we tend to lose focus over time and become completely unaware of our own body and mind. In this kind of situation we find the doctor to be best person.

The doctor neither has the time to dwell into your mind and body nor is he interested.  So we constantly use the approach of suppressing the symptoms. This only leads to further complications as we go along resulting in much more chronic and serious illnesses.

If you take my simple advice – always listen to your body and you will be able to resolve your mind and body issues at the early stage itself and remain healthy for long.

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