7 ways to consciously choose and amplify happiness

We are living in a busy world. I so wanted to use the adjective happy instead of busy, but something deep inside stopped me to do so. Do you know what?

A few days ago, I read somewhere that one of the top Google searches is “How to be happy?” This point out that most of us aren’t happy enough with our lives or, have forgotten what makes us happy. This is because most of us are either busy collecting things or the fast-paced lifestyles aren’t giving us the luxury to indulge ourselves in the things that make us happy.

Don’t complicate happiness

Before I begin, I would like to share a simple piece of advice that my grandmother gave me when I was 12 years old.

She said, “Happiness is no rocket science; don’t complicate it by thinking what to do. Just do the things that bring butterflies in your stomach and a smile on your face.”

These words of wisdom have simplified my life to a large extent. The good news is that there are some habits, which if made a habit, can help you in your quest for happiness.

1. Stop comparing your life. Start living it

In today’s Instagram-styled life, comparison and envy are spreading like wildfire. It’s easy to compare your boring (read unhappy) life with a friend who just uploaded a picture with a caption.

I know it can be hard to not to compare yourself and your life with others. So, the next time you feel tempted to compare, remember what Laura Williams said, “Comparison is the thief of happiness.”

2. Be present – Live in the moment

Do you know why most of us are not happy? That’s because most of us are postponing our happiness. We want to be happy but only when we get a job or collect a definite amount of money. Happiness cannot be a function of something external to you. If that is so then that happiness will be temporary.

Be present. Enjoy every moment. Don’t postpone your happiness when the sun is shining bright today.

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3. Practice mindfulness

Our emotions and feelings play a large role in defining our happiness level. People are either sad for something that happened in the past or anxious thinking about something yet to happen. Thus, it’s important to find a way to be fully present in the moment.

Mindfulness is being in the state of consciousness and awareness with no judgments and preconceived notions. It’s like any other exercise that takes the shape of meditation, music, breathing, or just observing.

4. Surround yourself with happy and motivated people

You must have heard people saying that if you want to become successful, surround yourself with the company of other successful individuals. Likewise, the same applies to being a happier person as happiness is contagious.

Probably, the best way to find happiness is to find those who create their own happiness, nurture it, and share it freely. Spend time with them and you’ll find yourself seeing the world differently and happily.

5. Listen to some ‘Pharrell’

Research from the University of Missouri published in “The Journal of Positive Psychology” revealed that listening to upbeat music can have a very positive effect on our well being.

If you’re trying hard to crack that report or struggling to complete your blog, music could get your brain in gear. Find your groove and see if classical music, bhajans, film songs or any other music which you enjoy. Surely music is uplifting.

6. Smile!

Happiness is what makes us smile; how can the reverse also be true? Cheesy it may sound but science has shown the mere act of turning that frown upwards can lift your mood, lower stress, and even prolong your life.

When we smile, it somehow tricks our brain into thinking we’re happy. If doing something as little as a smile could help us feel a bit better, I don’t see why we shouldn’t do it more!

7. Spread happiness

We double our happiness when we share it others. If you’re feeling happy, give others a reason to be happier as well. Small acts of kindness will not only brighten someone else’s day but will also make you feel better.

Help others to help yourself. Do your bit to start the happiness cycle and let the chain continue and see how far it goes and what good it does to others. These are seven ways to consciously choose and amplify happiness. These are very simple to follow. So go ahead and choose to be happy.

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