The most life changing thing you can do is to setting your life goals. We plan our future to be brighter and desire to accomplish some great feats. Whether great or small at some point in our lives each one of us wants to achieve something, but we don’t set all those goals in the right way.

During this process of goal setting you have to be clear about your thoughts and search the answer for one of the most profound questions, what do you want from your life?

Why Goals are important in life?

Setting your goal makes you look positively in every situation. Without goal that is set the right way, you don’t get a clear path about what that direction leads to. It’s not about only setting a right goal, it’s about what that goal means to you. You can also consult any life coach in Bangalore if you have a not confident enough about your life goals. A life coach can help you figure out your life goals.

To ensure solid foundation to your hopes and dreams goals are important. They help you to move your life ship in the right direction no matter how much stormy or choppy water are, they lead you through to the shores of accomplishment.

7 Steps of achieving your goal

Be specific about your goal

Be more specific about your goal and what you intend to achieve. Ensure that it can be tracked accordingly and can be measureable. Also make sure to put a great deal of detail about what is that you intend to achieve. When you are confident and specific about your goal it gradually changes from abstract to reality. Write down your goals in a piece of paper. What do you want to achieve? What does your life looks when you reach your goal? Describe this about your life in a great deal of detail.

Make sure that your goals are meaningful

The next step to achieve your goal is by ensuring that they are meaningful. If it has a meaningful thought in it, we always do more to achieve that goal because it has deep rooted meaning to us. For example, you can make more money or lose weight because those are goals you always wanted to achieve. When your goal is meaningful and involves things like family, freedom, security, country and love you may probably go out of your way to see things through.

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Pickup Goals those are achievable

Don’t think of the goals which are not achievable in a time period. If it is a long term goal then you can achieve it by working hard for it during that entire period. However, when it comes to a short period of 2 to 3 years make your goal accordingly. You can develop some momentum in the process of achieving your goal if you pick the goals that are achievable. Therefore, always find goals that are big but not improbable.

Pick goals that is relevant

Pick goals that are relevant to your life. Yes, you find it more difficult to follow your goal, if you pick them that go against the grain of who you are. So think about your goals which you mean to achieve and see if they are relevant to you. Are they aligned with who you are? Do they resonate with your core values and beliefs? So how do you pick goals that are relevant? Just take a moment to jot down everything that you value and believe in.

Make sure that goals are time-bound

Keep your goal with a specific timeline. When you plan on achieving a goal pick a date if you are serious about achieving that. No matter how much time you give to accomplish, but don’t forget to achieve the goal within that time period. By this, you can easily chart your progress to how far or close you are to achieving that goal.

Evaluate your progress along the way

Track your goals along the way of your progress. By tracking your goal you will know where you are reaching in achieving your goal. Track it every single day which will give a barometer towards success. You get better idea when you evaluate. Also you are more likely to revert back to your same old bad habits and detrimental patterns if you fail to keep a progress chart about your goal.

Readjust to reach

The above point is very much defendable to this point. Because when you have the progress of achieving a goal you will know where you are getting away from it, you can re-adjust and focus your approach. For example, when a plane knows about a storm or air-traffic congestion, it re-adjusts the approach to reach its intended target on time. Likewise, our goals are like an airplane’s journey. When we are clear about what destinations and when we need to reach it, we can re-adjust anytime to reach it.

So, these are the important steps to reach our goal. All you need is to do plan and work accordingly and by taking right actions to modify your approach whenever necessary. It may sound simple, but clearly much harder to implement. If you find it difficult to either figure out your goals or progress e on your goal, then the best way to is to consult a life coach. A life coach can help you to move forward and motivate you whenever you feel you are losing track of yourself and feeling low.

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