Working as a life coach is one of the best job. It’s a valid path for self-improvement which has helped countless people around the world in fulfilling lives. Perhaps if you’re unwilling about life coaching as you may think that the life coach will heap criticism on you. That’s not what life coaching is about at all. With life coaching you’ll get someone who listens to your thoughts and goals. Then the coach helps you nurture yourself and plan for the future.

We really do believe that none of us can get through things effectively and efficiently completely on our own. We all have ‘stuff’ and we all need someone (other than our own selves) to talk to about things that we know we can be better at, free from or happier about. Sometimes we cannot solve the same problem with the same mind that created it and that is why talking about things helps.

Don’t sweat the small stuff:

This is one of the favourite pieces of advice I used to give every time. We all get trucked down by the small things in life. We think that matter dramatically when it is in fact, they don’t at all. We all are accused to talk about life seriously and when we do this we are looking at the minutia and making it a very big issue than it needs to be. For example, if you are 4 years old did not pass colouring test, then I promise this won’t affect for being an interior designer if they won’t to become at 25. If her husband forgot to throw rubbish out for the 2nd time in this weak, I promise that it’s not because he won’t love you. If your best friend forgot to meet to you this weak, give yourself a break, she simply have not forgotten because her own life is bit hectic for her right now. Don’t sweat small things dear reader, life is too short.

When you want to fight harder, surrender:

This piece advice came from a coach I had way back in time from NYC. She was a tough cookie and really helped me along my journey. I would call her up in tears shouting and screaming as I just couldn’t get control over (insert your thing here – food / men / family etc…). She would listen to me go into a rage and then quietly say “Jacqueline, your answer is to surrender”. It would be a moment of a long deep breath, many tears and the fight would be over and the peace could then begin. It really is a very special piece of advice to me. Being a strong man or woman, being someone who can literally do anything you set your mind to, is amazing. It means you are a fighter and you will likely get what you want. Except in some cases the fight is what makes it harder and life becomes exhausting. Sometimes the fight is what creates the issue. Sometimes the letting go, the true surrender, the ‘leaning in’ to the chaos is the only answer to your problem. Trust me on this one. It works. Let go.

Slowly, slowly catch monkey:

This was a piece of advice from my father. I am, by nature a fast paced person. Everything is pretty quick and I can get through a lot in only an hour. The thing is, a lot of the time the things we want need patience, tlc and working towards. Rome was not built in a day. The perfectionists will find this hard as they beat themselves us that they didn’t ‘get it’ immediately or they ‘should have had it by now’ but that never works. Sometimes there should be praise for slow. Slow means you are dotting your ‘I’s’ and crossing your ‘t’s”. Slow means you are connecting back to yourself, slow means that you are conscious and present and slow can be the way to catch the monkey.

Out of small acorns huge oak trees grow:

A wonderful piece of advice from my grandmother who I loved with all my heart. She was the most amazing soul and always gave me nuggets of advice as a little girl that I remember today like it was yesterday. This piece of advice was brilliant when I started my business. I had it on a sticky note in my kitchen. It was such a positive, motivational reminder that even though I had just started my business, just me and my website, a little acorn, it could be possible to grow it into an oak tree. That positive thinking definitely paid off and I am sure without it I wouldn’t have believed in myself so much. Remember that to start, you have to just simply, start. You also have to believe in yourself and your vision and that out of little tiny ideas, with a dash of belief, huge massive beautiful things can grow. You’ve got this. Life Coaching in Bangalore helps you to make a difference by achieving the clarity and better thinking.

You were meant to meet that person:

This last bit of advice was given to me by my spiritual teachers. All spiritual teachers believe that it was ‘meant to happen that way’ in other words nothing in life is ‘wrong’. When I heard this advice my shoulders dropped about 10ft! Seriously, if we start to believe that things are happening just as how they are meant to happen, we stop fighting reality and life becomes easier. It’s the same with meeting people. People come in and out your life, it is meant to happen that way. They are teachers as are you to them. Whoever comes in is meant to come in and they may also be meant to leave. Just go with the flow and don’t grab. Allow life to work its way out and believe in the process and how it is happening. It may not be happening the way you wanted or expected, but it is happening how it should be. Life remember, is beautiful.

Rajan sampath does not mentor or counsel but becomes a mirror to your life. Provides you a view of where and what is causing you to feel the way you are. The reflections go back right to your childhood (some of the memories are either forgotten or buried deep within) and the established patterns are revealed to you. Iinlife best Life Coach in Bangalore will help you to redesign your life by the best and experienced life coach.

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