About Me

Rajan Sampath

Life & Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker

My whole expertise is developed on what I have learnt, being part of a Global organization for over 18 years and in my overall work experience of over 26 years.

There is saying that you can never be coach before you have transformed yourself. That is what led me to become a coach in the first place.

I have lived and struggled like every working person with stress, health issues, relationship issues, sleep issues and all such issues that everyone experiences of does on a day to day basis.

In the last 7 years of my corporate career I worked on myself and the transformation was so amazing that everyone around me started to ask what I had done to myself. I looked much happier, more focussed on my work, my health was much better and my relationships with everyone improved.

I started to then use this knowledge to coach others and was able to see the transformation in them as well. After doing it to hundreds of people around me I decided to follow this passion of mine as a full time effort. That was the beginning of my journey to becoming a life coach.

The more I changed, the more the world changed around me. The more I looked inward, the more clearer everything outside of me became. My past looked beautiful, all the experiences which I considered as failures now appeared the best moments of my life. The present became real and alive. Relationships with people and nature was getting better by the day. I was clear what I wanted to do with my life. So began a new journey of a becoming a life and wellness coach. Many new gurus and teachers came into my life who helped me understand myself and the universe better. One can call it spiritual awakening. With so much happening with my life it was obvious that the change in me was visible to others.People got attracted to meand started to come to me with their issues and problems. I was starting to enjoy this new role which was to make people see life with the right perspective and feel happier. Helping people transform their lives became a passion. I left my corporate job and became a full -time Life coach. I became a life coach in Bangalore. As it is known one things leads to the other. I discovered that life transformations impacted health positively. That gave me a new learning and perspective as wellness coach. My coaching became more impactful as there as an additional benefit that I was able to help people with, that of healing themselves of diseases and illnesses. So now I was a life and wellness coach. As I started to do more executive coaching sessions, I realized that motivation was intrinsic to group coaching especially in the corporate world . So, a natural drift towards a motivational speaker added itself to my role. I consider myself blessed that I had the opportunity to explore myself and courage to leave a well established high paying job to taking a role which I truly enjoyed. Today I can say I love everything that I do and live life to the fullest. My services as life coach in Bangalore, Motivational speaker in Bangalore and Executive Coach in Bangalore or a Wellness Coach in Bangalore provides me with ample opportunities to transform the lives of many not only in Bangalore, but across the world.

Transform yourself by knowing your “self.” That is the only way to be successful, happy and healthy.

Rajan Sampath

My Life Journey

My own success and failures have been my strongest learning. When I felt “Life becoming a challenge” a few years back I started to reflect on all aspects of my mind and my body. Trying to understand I started reading a number of books and in parallel researching the net. During the course of this journey I got trained and certified in Hypnotherapy, life coaching, heal your life etc.. Slowly and surely started to get more and more clarity. My life started to change, my health started to improve, became happier and my relationships started to show up well. Success came my way and I started being a better leader! I learnt to take charge of my life!

Using this knowledge I began to coach people, take group sessions which helped me fine tune myself. The confidence of my coaching ability comes from my practice and experience. My understanding with variety of techniques like yoga, pranic healing, meditation, hypnotherapy has also given me a rounded view of how success and motivation is related to the way we think. Needless to say that I have been and continue to read extensively on all these aspects to enhance my understanding of the human mind.

Have also understood the essence of Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads which has helped realise that all the issues around mind and body revolve around very simple and basic understanding of life. It has taken me several years of personal work and working on others to develop this understanding. I am still a long way off from attaining the ultimate. But at this juncture I feel confident in my ability to help you begin the journey to realize yourself which would make you happy, healthy, prosperous and successful in life.

I have what I call a unique blend of corporate experience, personal life experience as well as training and certifications in life coaching and wellness. I have also a clear understanding of spirituality which forms the foundation of life.

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